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Each Fisker Ocean electric SUV is equipped with hardware to support five optional packages that can be unlocked through OTA updates.

Fisker Ocean Vegan Interior

Once you own or lease a Fisker Ocean, you will have the ability to purchase optional packages. These packages provide you additional utility to enhance your driving experience. Not everyone will need these packages in their Fisker Ocean, which is why they are optional. That way Fisker can keep the cost of their electric vehicles as low as possible.

Optional packages are part of the company’s comprehensive OTA (Over the Air) strategy. Fisker refers to optional packages at OTA packages, because they are sent over-the-air after being purchased. Optional packages will have high margins for Fisker’s business. It will help the company generate revenue above the original MSRP of the Fisker Ocean. For leased vehicles, Fisker has the ability to generate sales of the same optional packages throughout a leased vehicle’s lifecycle.

What are the optional packages?

You’re probably wondering what optional packages Fisker will offer. As of right now, Fisker plans to offer five optional packages for the Fisker Ocean. They are as follows:

  • ADAS package
  • Entertainment package
  • Premium package
  • Sport package
  • Winter package

The Ocean One and Extreme trims may come with some or all of these features. Ocean Ultra will likely need to pay up for these optional packages. And, one thing is for certain, the Ocean Sport won’t come with any of these optional packages. The features of each package have yet to be announced, but we’ve been given hints by Henrik Fisker. We know a little bit about each optional package, but things could change.

For example, the ADAS package will be focused around safety (e.g., traffic sign/light recognition). Fisker has referred to the Premium package as having “Hyper Sound” improving sound quality for Audiophiles. The Premium package may allow you to make steering wheel adjustments or change interior cabin colors. The Sport package could unlock a faster 0-60 speed or provide better performance handling. And, the winter package offers heated front and possibly rear seats.

Additional info may come out on July 1st the date to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. However, it’s more likely to be released around November 2022 ahead of owners taking delivery of their Fisker Ocean. Also, at this time we don’t know how each optional package will be priced. All we know the purchase price will need to cover the cost of the hardware plus a healthy margin.

How it works

This vegan interior is clean!

Each Fisker Ocean electric SUV is equipped with the necessary hardware to support optional packages. This pre-installed hardware can be activated over-the-air through a software update to your Fisker Ocean. For example, your Fisker Ocean is an internet connected device or IoT (Internet of Things) device. It’s part of Fisker’s digital user experience. Once you purchase an optional package, the software in your vehicle speaks to the Fisker Cloud. The software in your electric vehicle is then updated and feature(s) become unlocked.

After taking possession of your Fisker Ocean, there will be several ways to purchase optional packages. First, you will have the ability to purchase them from inside your vehicle using the central display. There will be a section specifically in the user interface to purchase optional packages. Second, they will be available through the company’s mobile apps and website. Third, you will be able to visit a Fisker Experience Center. There, you will be able to get help with purchasing optional packages in-store.

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