Fisker Ocean One’s Special Features

Fisker Ocean One

The Fisker Ocean One luxury edition comes with special features only available on this all-electric SUV trim.

What makes the Fisker Ocean One so unique

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean One.

Last week, Fisker published a new webpage on its site showing off the Fisker Ocean One. There will only be 5,000 Fisker Ocean One SUVs available at a price of $68,999. Each Fisker Ocean One will be numbered #1 through #5,000. This is basically a collector’s edition of the Fisker Ocean.

According to the company, the Fisker Ocean One is the uncompromised luxury edition. It comes fully loaded with unique features. These features will only be available on this all-electric SUV trim. The limited edition vehicle will come with four distinct features. Today, we’re gonna walk through these unique features.

Commemorative Digital Signature

Fisker Ocean One
Commemorative Digital Signature on Fisker Ocean One display screen.

Firstly, 5,000 exclusive Fisker Ocean One electric vehicles will be made world-wide. Each SUV will be numbered in a series from #1 through #5,000. The company says individual vehicle numbers will be assigned once vehicles are scheduled for production. This sounds like it will be a part of the commemorative digital signature. Can anyone say, “Collector’s Edition”?

When you enter the cabin of your Fisker Ocean One, the 17.1″ digital display screen will turn on and illuminate. You’ll be greeted with a digital signature unique to the Fisker Ocean One. It appears your Fisker Ocean One’s production number will be shown somewhere on the digital display screen. Basically, this unique numbering system will show that you are an early adopter. You certainly won’t find this digital signature on the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, or Sport.

However, its not clear whether or not this commemorative digital signature will live outside of the vehicle. This sounds like a perfect opportunity for Fisker to innovate here with more NFTs. Fisker launched Fisker by Hand at the end of last year as its entry into the NFT space. Here is a chance for them to mint 5,000 new NFTs. That way, if someone sells their Fisker Ocean One in the future, they get to keep the digital signature as an NFT to show they were among the first and a true visionary.

Ocean One Badge

Fisker Ocean One Steering Wheel
Fisker Ocean One Steering Wheel.

Secondly, coined as “The One,” the Fisker Ocean One will have a unique badge. The Ocean One badge will appear on the center of the steering wheel surrounded by a fabric looking texture.

You’ll see it each time you get behind the wheel. You won’t find the standard Fisker logo staring you in the face. Instead, you’ll find a grayscale Fisker logo. It actually looks pretty cool.

The words “Ocean One” will be imprinted in white font beneath the center of the steering wheel. The Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport will display the standard sunset logo on the steering wheel.

22” F3 SlipStream Wheels

Fisker Ocean One Wheels
One of two wheel options on the Fisker Ocean One.

Thirdly, the Fisker Ocean One will be the first of the Ocean trims to get 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. The company announced earlier this month the SlipStream wheel option would be made available on all trims. That was a surprise to us.

However, now that photos of these wheels were revealed on the Fisker Ocean One it makes more sense. They come with the grayscale badge like the steering wheel. They look pretty sharp. However, you actually get to choose between two wheel options.

For instance, the Fisker Ocean One will offer either the 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels or 22” F5 AirGlider wheels. Each alloy wheel option comes in silver or black. Our favorites are the 22” F5 AirGlider wheels in black. They look great on just about every color of the Fisker Ocean.

Nevertheless, Fisker says the wheel design was an inspired work of art and engineering. 22” wheel options were designed for aerodynamic performance and a powerful presence. The SlipStream wheels come with recycled carbon fiber inserts.

MaliBlu Interior

Fisker Ocean One Interior
Fisker Ocean One MaliBlu Interior.

Lastly, the Fisker Ocean One will feature MaliBlu interior. The 100% sustainable vegan interior will be made with recycled materials. Fisker claims it will be luxurious.

We believe the Fisker Ocean interior will be worth its price tag on this electric vehicle. For now we will have to take Fisker’s word for it. For example, we think the interior design will be up to the highest of standards. It will be just like the exterior design we all love that was penned by Henrik Fisker himself.

Fisker says the MaliBlu color theme combines Indigo EcoSuede high-grade upholstery seats together with teal accents. Furthermore, the interior will use Black Abyss door accents, platinum metallic accent trim, and Black Abyss carpet. These accent and trim colors appear to be what will make the MaliBlu interior unique to the Fisker Ocean One.

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2 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean One’s Special Features

  1. It’s difficult to use the site to spec the options like what interior features does each color offer, what is the exterior finish with each color ie metallic or flat, bette views of interior features and more 20” wheel options since I’ll be driving in snow I’d like to be offered snow ties bs chain. Still lots of work to do. Especially given I ordered the signature series I’d expect bette option package. I hope the car is more sophisticated than the web site.

  2. I agree however I do hope all will be revealed on Nov 17. After that, Fisker won’t have any excuse not to share any details

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