Fisker Ocean Key Fob

Fisker Ocean

Could the Fisker Karma key fob provide us any clues as to what the Fisker Ocean key fob might look like or how it may function?

Fisker Ocean with key fob.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Fisker Ocean key fob. You probably thought a key fob came with every Fisker Ocean trim, but it does not. The Fisker Ocean One and Extreme are the only two trims to get the key fob. In fact, these two trims will come with one key fob free of charge.

However, all trim levels of the Fisker Ocean will offer vehicle entry via the Fisker Flexee app on your smart phone. Most people will probably use the app as a key, but there are some people that prefer a physical key or like the use cases for a key fob.

For example, a key fob is much easier to valet your vehicle or loan it to a friend. Also, you may want to exercise outdoors or go to the gym without carrying your phone. There are lots of different use case for having a key fob. It’s kind of a lifestyle decision.

Fisker Karma Key Fob

Fisker Karma Key Fob
2012 Fisker Karma Key Fob.

The Fisker Karma Key Fob from ten years ago had a nice premium design with brushed aluminum accents. It was a fairly simple design.

The Fisker logo is the unlock button. Press twice to unlock. The lock symbol button next to it is obviously to lock the car. And on the other side of the logo button is the trunk release.

Also common to the key designs back then was a removable physical key built in. Most new cars don’t use a physical key at all anymore.

We don’t know if Fisker will use a similar design for the Ocean or come up with something totally different. Hopefully it will not have any glossy black plastic, which is hard to keep clean and scratches easily.

Key fob built for California Mode

Fisker Ocean Key Fob
Fisker Ocean Pre-Production Console.

We would guess that the Fisker Ocean key fob will also have at least three buttons, along with a fourth that will open all the windows for California Mode.

California Mode will be available on the Ocean Ultra and higher trim levels. It is unclear whether or not the California Mode button will also close the windows. However, having one button to open and close all the windows would be a nice feature.

For the Ocean Sport trim without California Mode, it appears that a different key fob will be made without that button. This was specified in the LA Auto Show Press Release in 2021.

Another thing we know is that the center console on some of the pre-production Fisker Oceans have a key fob slot just below the cup holders and on the right side near the arm rest. Supposedly, you insert the key fob into the slot to turn the car on. We haven’t received any info on exactly how this works, but that’s a good guess for right now. Of course as we get closer to production, we will get more information.

This guest blog post is written by Matthew Nelson. He is an EV enthusiast, has pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One, and holds a long position in Fisker ($FSR) shares. 

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8 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Key Fob

  1. Silly to not include a key fob with each car. Let us focus on important matters like the battery, promptness of production, and delivery on time.

  2. If you hold down the unlock button for several second on a BMW key fob it starts to roll down all the windows and sunroof until you release it. I’m hoping for something similar – an extra button only adds to the size of the fob…

  3. Yes, there are some fobs with dual function (short press / long press) buttons. Tesla uses a long press on the trunk button to open the charge port. Maybe long press on lock button to close windows and long press unlock to open them.

  4. On fiskers website it shows key fob with California mode on the list of included features for the ultra. So now I’m confused, I thought all trims were getting a fob. Is their website not up to date?

    1. Hey Julia, The bizarre thing about the key fob is Fisker’s site says it’s available on all trims, Fisker’s latest Press Kit says it’s only available on Ocean One and Extreme trims, and Fisker Support confirmed the latter. We hope Fisker starts doing a better job keeping documentation across their site and apps fresh and up to date. App as Key will 100% be supported across all trims.

  5. Stupid to not include a physical key or fob. What about when your phone dies? What about when a friend/family member needs to drive it or when you take it in for repairs? How’s the Costco tire center supposed to move my car without a key of some type? They should just give it to you for what you’re about to pay. Seems stupid & petty to charge for a key to your own vehicle.

What are your thoughts?