Fisker Ocean Is Competitively Priced

Henrik Fisker responds to questions about whether his company will drop prices on its flagship electric SUV stating it is competitively priced.

Fisker Ocean electric SUV.
Fisker Ocean electric SUV.

Today, Henrik responded again to the question of whether or not his company will lower prices of the Fisker Ocean. For the past week, Fisker Ocean customers have been waiting for Fisker to respond to Tesla’s nearly 20% price drop of the Model Y this month. This has been a hot topic across several of the Fisker Ocean forums we monitor including Fiskerati Forums. Henrik’s responses have been pretty clear from the beginning — the Fisker Ocean is competitively priced.

About a week ago, Henrik responded by saying, “Just like we did not raise the prices when everyone else did, we do not react to other companies having demand/volume issues. We already priced the Ocean extremely competitive considering we have features you can not even buy on any other cars, California mode, Solar, rotating screen, taco trays , torque vectoring etc…. And we got over 1,000 people on the waiting list for an Ocean ONE in case anyone cancels!”

In his response today, he said, “No, we are extremely competitive priced from the beginning and offer several features that no one else does. Have not seen any major amount of reservation cancellations! Still seeing reservations coming in everyday! Both of US & Europe! It’s all about having a unique product with features and performance that no one else offers in your price class. Best in class range, highest resolution (rotating/Extreme) screen, California mode, Solar roof, etc.”

Don’t Expect Fisker Ocean Price Drop

Based on Henrik’s responses, we don’t expect Fisker to drop prices for any of its electric SUV trims. In May 2022, we wrote about how the Fisker Ocean stands out on a price vs. range basis. This still holds true across all Fisker Ocean trims. Especially when performing a feature-by-feature comparison of each trim with the competition including the Tesla Model Y. At this time, the Fisker Ocean will command a premium for its superior design, unique features, and class leading range. Fisker offers three trims, the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. The Ocean has a price range of $37,499 to $68,999 and a range of 250 to 350 miles.

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3 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Is Competitively Priced

  1. Stop worrying about the price of the car and start sticking it to these short sellers and get the stock price up. I’ve held this stock for well over a year with no return. I believe in the company but am ready to start seeing some positive movement on the stock.

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