Fisker Ocean Headed to San Diego

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The Fisker Ocean is headed to Fully Charged LIVE San Diego in September for EV enthusiasts to take a closer look at the electric SUV.

Today, we learned that the Fisker Ocean will be in San Diego, CA next month. The Fisker Ocean will be making its San Diego debut at Fully Charged LIVE. That’s right, the world’s most sustainable vehicle joined the lineup. The event will take place September 10th and 11th at the San Diego Convention Center. We reached out to Fisker and they confirmed they will be attending the event. No further details yet.

Fisker Ocean confirmed for Fully Charged Live San Diego
Fisker Ocean confirmed for Fully Charged Live San Diego.

Fully Charged LIVE is the world’s number one clean energy and electric vehicle show. The event will be here in Southern California next month. Fully Charged is planning to create an “exhilarating weekend of electric vehicles and clean energy” right here in our own backyard. The two-day event will include indoor and outdoor exhibits and attractions, now including the Fisker Ocean.

This will be the very first time we get to see the Fisker Ocean in San Diego. Fully Charged LIVE in San Diego is a ticketed event. For example, tickets range from $40 to $50 for either a single day or weekend ticket. However, we have a dedicated promo code you can use to receive 15% off tickets. Use code FISKERATI at checkout. We hope to see you at the event!

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Headed to San Diego

  1. Questions:
    [1] Will you be able to test drive the Ocean in San Diego?
    [1a] If so, do you intend to do so? I think we all want to see “Park My Car” in action.
    [2] Will you include photos of highlighted features AND undercarriage of Ocean?
    [3] Do you intend to video showcase the infotainment user interface?
    [4] Can you include the website mentioned rear touch screen?
    [5] Can you download Matterport (free phone app) to construct a 3D rendering of the Ocean interior to allow your followers to navigate at will?

    1. Yeah, I agree with Matt. We need to wait for Fisker to release more details about what they have planned for the event. When we know we will update you here on the site. Regardless, we are going to the event and will take as much video and photos as possible for our readers. ?

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