Fisker Ocean Electric SUVs Shipping from Magna Steyr to California

Fisker prepares at least two Fisker Ocean Ones that are being shipped from Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria to California.

Fisker Ocean One loaded onto trailer in Graz, Austria.
Fisker Ocean One loaded onto trailer in Graz, Austria.

Today, Henrik Fisker shared a video clip from Graz, Austria. It shows a Fisker Ocean being loaded onto a trailer for shipping to California. However, Henrik didn’t disclose the exact location once it arrives stateside. This electric SUV could be used for the Fisker Lounge in Los Angeles, which is expected to open sometime in Q1 2023. Alternatively, it could be used for the Fisker Ocean Road Tour on the West Coast.

In a post on Instagram, Henrik shared a caption with the video clip that read, “Fisker Ocean’s shipping from carbon neutral manufacturing plant in Austria to California today!” On LinkedIn Henrik posted a photo with the same caption. What’s interesting is that he posted two completely different Fisker Oceans being loaded up for shipping. Something else caught our eye too.

The Fisker Oceans being shipped from Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria aren’t just any electric SUVs. They are Fisker Ocean Ones leaving the manufacturing plant. For instance, if you look closely on the rear of each vehicle, you will notice the Fisker Ocean One emblem. In big letters it readers “ONE”. That’s the only thing that gave it away to us. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see these vehicles are finally leaving the factory.

Fisker Ocean One Ready To Roll

Yesterday, we received our Fisker Ocean One build confirmation. We received an email from Fisker that our ability to edit our Fisker Ocean One build expires early next month. That means Fisker is getting ready to start building Fisker Ocean Ones for some customers. However, we’re not sure on the exact date when Ocean Ones will start rolling off the assembly line for customers. One thing is for certain. Some customers in Denmark are receiving emails about vehicle delivery in March/April 2023. That makes sense since they’re closest to the Magna Stery factory in Graz, Austria. When we learn more we’ll be sure to share.

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Electric SUVs Shipping from Magna Steyr to California

  1. Great that that shipping started to North America….Really looking forward to your delivery Sean; this is indeed very exciting and I am hoping to receiving my date in the second quarter….

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