Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Price and Range Comparison

Fisker Ocean stands out on a price vs. range basis compared to other all-electric and gasoline powered SUVs.

Source: Company Websites, True Car, Moto Trend, Car and Driver.
Prices may vary based on geographic location.

As you begin shopping for an electric vehicle, you may wonder how the Fisker Ocean electric SUV stacks up to the competition.

We wanted to take a look at how the Fisker Ocean compares on price and range to both all-electric and gasoline powered SUVs.

The Fisker Ocean comes in three models, excluding the limited edition Ocean One. Trims include the Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. In the below chart, we’ve included the battery range and price of each Fisker Ocean model. If you’d like a feature by feature comparison of each trim we’ve done that in an earlier post.

MetricOcean ExtremeOcean UltraOcean Sport
Range350+ Miles340 Miles250 Miles
*Pricing is for the United States and excludes government tax incentives.

Fisker Ocean stands out on a price vs. range basis

Source: Company Websites, True Car, Moto Trend, Car and Driver.
Prices may vary based on geographic location.

In comparison, all three trims of the Fisker Ocean are competitively priced with segment-leading range. For example, when each Ocean model is stacked next to other electric and gasoline powered EV and SUV competitors it ranks best.

The Extreme offers benchmark performance for any EV priced under $70,000. It is priced at $68,999 with 350+ miles. This EV is a high-performance machine recently tested by a world renowned race car driver. Estimated mileage could be much higher too once it is officially tested by the EPA. This Fisker Ocean trim is the top of the line. It includes all the bells and whistles and is priced better than the competition with the best battery range.

The Ultra is priced at or below base versions of the premium BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) with much higher battery range (340 miles) and other premium features. In the past, we compared the Fisker Ocean to other EV competitors in terms of design, price, and range and the Ultra was by far the best value among the three trims. The price tag of the Ocean Ultra is $49,999. It simply is too good to pass up for the battery range especially if you don’t need our top three features on the Ocean Extreme.

The Ocean sport is the lowest priced model Fisker offers with a 250 mile battery range. Overall, it is comparably priced to non-premium brands offering an SUV. It stands out to competitors with better design, range, performance, and digital user experience.

The Fisker Ocean comes in a variety of color options, which may further entice you towards choosing this beautifully designed electric SUV.

In-depth Fisker Ocean Comparison

Furthermore, this in-depth analysis ranks every all-electric SUV to each of the Fisker Ocean models. It goes beyond price and battery range. Still, the Fisker Ocean Ultra ranks among the top of the list as mentioned above. Here you can also find the most comparable Fisker Ocean electric SUV trim to its gasoline-powered equivalent.

In-depth analysis courtesy of @RetireBefore30.

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