Fisker Ocean Achieves Impressive WLTP Range with 22″ Wheels

The all-electric Fisker Ocean Extreme, featuring optional 22″ wheels and tires, boasts an impressive combined WLTP range of up to 701 km/436 miles (UK).

Fisker Ocean at Fisker Center+ Vienna, Austria
Fisker Ocean at the newly opened Fisker Center+ (Vienna, Austria).

Today, Fisker announced another impressive achievement with the all-electric Fisker Ocean Extreme, answering a question on the minds of many customers – how do optional 22″ wheels impact the Fisker Ocean compared to the standard 20″ wheels? The short answer is, not by that much. The Fisker Ocean, now equipped with optional 22″ wheels and tires, achieved a combined WLTP range of up to 701 km/436 miles (UK). This enables European customers to enjoy the best-in-market SUV range, even with larger wheels and tires.

Last month, Fisker achieved a WLTP range of up to 707 km/440 UK miles with the Fisker Ocean using standard 20″ wheels. The new findings indicate that the Fisker Ocean Extreme, including the limited edition Fisker Ocean One, currently holds the title for the longest range among all battery electric SUVs sold in Europe. These results for both the 20″ and optional 22″ wheels have exceeded previous estimates set forth by the company, showcasing Fisker’s unwavering commitment to optimized engineering and craftsmanship.

Fisker highlighted the significant role of the aerodynamic design in their flagship electric SUV in enhancing vehicle performance and driving experience. The sophisticated engineering of the battery, motors, brakes, and tires in the Fisker Ocean ensures minimal impact to the WLTP range when opting for larger 22″ wheels, as opposed to the standard 20″ wheels. Additionally, the optimized aerodynamic design of the wheel arch lining and underbody elements improves airflow, resulting in enhanced performance and an overall better driving experience.

“These WLTP range results for the 20” and 22” wheels and tires are another example of the Fisker Ocean leading with design, innovation, and sustainability. Our talented engineering team has gone over every detail to deliver best-in-market range combined with high-quality craftsmanship to our Fisker Ocean Extreme European customers.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

Your Wheel Options

Fisker Ocean with Big Sur Blue exterior and 22" F3b SlipStream wheels in black
Fisker Ocean with Big Sur Blue exterior and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels in black.

When configuring your Fisker Ocean, you have six wheel options to choose from. Currently, there is one 20″ wheel option called the F7 AeroStealth, and five 22″ wheel options. The 20″ wheel option is available in all-black and known as the F7 AeroStealth. For the 22″ wheels, there are three different styles to choose from – F3 SlipStream, F5 AirGlider, and F6 Vortex – some of which are available in silver or all-black. Notably, the 22″ F3 SlipStream wheel option utilizes recycled carbon fiber, adding to its eco-friendly appeal.

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