Fisker Firms Up Ocean Pre-Orders for US Customers

Fisker Ocean

Fisker auto updates accounts to reflect firm orders for US customers that pre-ordered the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

What our Fisker account looks today after pre-ordering our Fisker Ocean Sport last week.

Today, Fisker auto updated accounts for US customers who pre-ordered an Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport since Sunday of last week. The company sent around an email today sharing the news.

Previously, reservation holders that pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean here in the US continued to see a blue “Order” button. That button has now been removed from the accounts of US customers that successfully pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean. You can check your order status by clicking here and signing into your account.

Now when you log into your Fisker account, you will see a message at the top of the screen that reads, “You may have noticed the “Order” button has been removed. Rest easy, if you ordered an Ocean, your order is confirmed. We are updating your account to reflect your new firm order status. No further action is required from you at this time.”

This comes as President Joe Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law earlier today. Below is a copy of the email communication we received from the company confirming our Fisker Ocean pre-order.

In Fisker’s words…

We’re Updating Your Reservation to Firm Order Status  

No further action is required from you at this time. If you are browsing the reservations in your account, you may notice the “Order” button has been removed. Rest easy, if you ordered a Fisker Ocean, your order is confirmed. We are auto updating your account to reflect your new firm order status.

Congratulations and thank you for joining us on the journey to build A Clean Future for All.

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Firms Up Ocean Pre-Orders for US Customers

  1. In the Fisker application the FAQ about Reservations doesn’t distinguish between a reservation and a firm order. I hope they update all their documentation to be sure to not run afoul of the Treasury Department who might rule the coverted reservations weren’t firm orders.

  2. Iam disgusted, when they say emails were sent to everyone …I waited patiently and have generously my 250.. to reserve a vehicle i truly beleive in, and now I feel betrayed or not taken with the upmost respect…so of course no mention of our$ what? Wait another year…? What happen to the flexee lease?.. EV Camacho

  3. We also put down a $250 deposit- I have requested a refund as I have not converted it to an actual order- three emails later I have not received a response. What’s the deal ?

What are your thoughts?