Fisker Extends Final Build Lock Dates

Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One customers may find their final build lock date has changed the next time they sign in to their Fisker account.

Today, Fisker confirmed they have extended the final build lock dates for some Fisker Ocean One customers. The change was first discovered when we signed in to our Fisker account yesterday afternoon. We noticed our final build lock date changed from 10/10/2022 to 11/21/2022. We posted a screenshot to Fiskerati Forums to see if other members saw a similar change in their account. Some did, and others didn’t.

Fisker Ocean One build lock date displayed in our account
Fisker Ocean One build lock date displayed in our account.

In addition to the extended build lock date, our account still shows the message, “Build lock dates are estimated and subject to change. Final build lock dates will be confirmed via email two weeks prior to locking.” That means the lock date displayed in our account could change again, because it is an estimate. Since our new build lock date expires on 11/21, Fisker would need to email us on 11/7 for the date to be confirmed.

Furthermore, the final build lock date represents a period in time when we will no longer be able to edit our built to change options such as paint color, wheels, and interior. This means whatever options we’ve selected when our ability to edit build expires will become final. At that point, Fisker will send our order to Magna Steyr to build our Fisker Ocean One on the high volume assembly line.

Fisker Is Listening

If you recall, we reached out to Fisker last month about customers with lock dates before the new 3D configurator is released later this month. These customers, ourselves included, wouldn’t be able to see the high-resolution 3D images to help us make an informed selection. Some people were disappointed they wouldn’t be able to see high resolution images before making their final selection. However, Fisker listened to feedback and extended the build lock date for most customers impacted.

In fact, we spoke to a Fisker representative about these changes. We were told the extension of build lock dates are purely administrative changes. Fisker tells us they decided it would be a good idea to give customers more time to choose configuration options. Especially with the upcoming 3D configurator scheduled for October. We were told the new build lock dates have no bearing or impact on when your Fisker Ocean will get built or delivered. The company is still working through vehicle delivery estimates at this time.

Fisker Sends Email Explanation

The company sent us an email titled, “Edit Build Extension Notice” about the changes to the build lock date in our account. According to the email, the reason Fisker extended build lock dates is to give customers more time to make a final selection. Makes sense to us and is what the Fisker representative told us by phone. We’ve included a copy of the email communication below.

In Fisker’s words…

Hi Sean,

We are excited that the Start of Production for the Fisker Ocean One is on track for November 17 and hope you are as well. As we approach that date, you will continue to see updates in your account as new information concerning your order becomes available.

We understand tastes and design preferences can change over time. With Fisker test vehicles hitting events and more true-to-life imagery and videos of the Fisker Ocean available, we felt it was important to give you more time and flexibility to edit your vehicle build if desired.

To provide you with that opportunity, we’ve extended the deadline to lock-in your final vehicle build. Please note the final lock-in date shown in your account is currently an estimate. We will send a 2-week confirmation notice via email that notifies you of your firm lock-in date. If you’re happy with your current build, no further action from you is required at this time.

This change only extends the lock-in date for your final vehicle configuration. It is not indicative of your vehicle delivery date.

As a reminder, we have not announced any vehicle delivery estimates, but our team is working diligently to provide you with more information. You can expect to find updates on delivery timing in your account when that information is finalized.

We will continue to provide you with transparent and clear communication until you are in the driver’s seat of your Fisker Ocean One. Thank you again for being a true visionary on our journey to Build a Clean Future for All.

Your Fisker Rådgiver  
(Advisor in Danish?)

Your Final Fisker Ocean Build

Our Fisker Ocean One configuration
Our Fisker Ocean One configuration

Back on September 9th, we went ahead and finalized our Fisker Ocean One selections. At the time, we had chosen Great White, 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels, and Black Abyss interior. We also changed up our accessories choosing a carpet floor mat set, roadside safety kit, and key fob.

However, fast forward to present day and we’ve changed our exterior color to Big Sur Blue. We went for the most premium paint color Fisker will offer Ocean One customers free of charge. All other options are the same. Unless the next generation 3D configurator makes us fall in love with a different color, this is our final build. In fact, if Fisker wants to send the order to the factory today they have our approval! Let us know in the comments below if you received a new build lock date.

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Extends Final Build Lock Dates

  1. I just hope that some of the lock in dates are still Nov 1st or earlier, so there’s something specific to build on Nov 17th.

  2. I received a new build date of March 13, 2023. My order date was July 11, 2022. I hope this doesn’t mean I won’t be getting my Fisker Ocean One until April!

  3. “Ability to build expires: February 06, 2023, 03:00 am EDT. That’s a four month delay from the original lock date!

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