Fisker Eases Concerns About SolarSky Roof Shadows

Some Ocean One and Extreme customers have become increasingly concerned about SolarSky Roof interior shadows and Fisker eases concerns.

Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof at the Magna Steyr factory.

Today, Fisker helped ease concerns about the interior cabin shadows created by the SolarSky Roof. Fisker announced they will offer a sun block solution that can be installed after a Fisker Ocean with the SolarSky Roof has been delivered. The proposed solutions include a solar roof shade or extra tint as an option. According to Fisker, “We have heard our customers concerns and feedback. We are currently working on a solution and…

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24 thoughts on “Fisker Eases Concerns About SolarSky Roof Shadows

  1. The idea of me having to physically pop in an out some kind of temporary solar shade doesn’t cut it. That’s why I returned the Tesla Y.
    The tinting might be an option. And by the way, I hate the argument when people say “more expensive cars like the Rivian don’t have it either.”
    That doesn’t mean I have to buy any of them! if my wife’s $30000 car has a retractable shade for her panoramic roof, I think it’s OK for me to want that. I have been waiting for years for someone to build the car that has all the features that I want. And if the Fisker ocean isn’t that car then I won’t buy it.
    I’ve always heard this car being promoted as a luxury car. I’ve recently been reading a lot of comments from people who’ve sat in this car at different pop ups and say it’s nothing like a luxury car.
    Tic tic tic…..frustrating not getting anything but “guesses” , “we don’t know yet”, “more information will be released soon”
    It feels like people are hyping this as the next great car, just like they hyped Bitcoin!

    1. TBH, not a big fan of having to remove the solar shade either. Wishing the solution was retractable and it might be. In a worse case scenario, we’ll tint the interior glass roof so it doesn’t get in the way when the glass roof is open in California Mode.

  2. I am starting to detect a much larger problem than roof shadows. I have asked a several questions on Radgiver and contact email but a few were never answered. All emails from Fisker continue to be noreply. We should also be able to call in and speak with knowledgeable reps at Fisker and not have to wait 24hrs. I am seeing enough red flags, glitches, and tap dancing to consider cancelling our confirmed order for the far more established Tesla “dealership”, service, and customer service network! Tesla has just massively slashed pricing up to 20% on all their models that makes it a much better value unless Fisker responds. I have made some suggestions to Fisker especially concerning many of the grossly overpriced wheels, interiors, and some other options and packages. I want to see what actions Fisker takes but I also won’t wait to long to pull the trigger on the Tesla deal of the century before it expires!

      1. good morning Fisker hopefuls…
        Sean, you asked David what questions weren’t answered…..
        Mine were:
        Fiskerati told me that Firestone/Bridgestone WILL NOT SERVICE MY CAR. (1/7/23) My car will be serviced by mobile service personal, and NO LONER CAR. I live in St. Louis
        (My wife’s Hyundai dealership 5 min away provides a loner car.)
        What is the truth.?
        Why won’t they release “information on pop up locations a month, 2 months ahead of time to allow me to cancel patients, get plane tickets to attend?
        I was told by Fisker that independent writers/reporters, were to have access to actual completed cars, not prototypes, to test drive IN NOVEMBER ’22! I can appreciate a delay, but TELL ME WHEN!
        If I cannot test drive an actual vehicle, then I want an independent source to give me an educated, unbiased opinion.
        The material on the steering wheel, the top of the door (where my arm often rests) appears to be a cheap knitted material which would quickly wear out. Difficult to tell from poor images.
        I would like access to images of the quality interior of all of the options of an actual Ocean, not a prototype….WHEN will these be available.?
        I have images, sent from Fisker, of a different interior with much better looking dashboard, doors, seat materials. Better looking wheels.
        Feels like a bait and switch to me.
        I have already shared my disappointment with the solar roof…..My wife’s 30k Hyundai has: Heated steering wheel, ventilated seats, retractable solar shade for her retractable panoramic roof. A luxury car should have these features.
        My date to choose is: 3/17/23
        Fiskerati will not, cannot, answers these questions. I was going to attach the images of the wheels and interior that are not available…..
        I appreciate your time and information Sean, and others.

        1. Thanks for sharing Steve. You raise some good questions. Details about service for the Fisker Ocean here in the United States have been slim, but not so much in Europe as far as authorized partners go. The good news, for what its worth, Fisker will offer an industry leading warranty. You have valid concerns as someone who hasn’t seen the vehicle in person. Once we get our vehicle we can have a thorough review of everything!

      2. I may have stated that ” Fiskerati shared about not getting service from Bridgestone….” I meant Radgiver gave me that information on 1/7/23
        My appologies

      3. Sure Sean,

        I had questions about offering some type of Veterans, first responder. or teachers discount as many other companies do. I asked about the option of all weather floor and cargo mats with the Fisker name and logo on them (I cannot accept they can build an entire car but not proper mats!). When can we see and feel the different seat, wheel options, etc. If you recall when the C8 Corvette was first going around they had a massive display board with large pieces of all the different seat combinations along with all the actual rims (not just wheel covers) and larger paint chips, etc. I still don’t know the difference between fabric and plus. I also contacted with some ideas and suggestions about how they should include more options and variations to appropriately distinguish the different trim levels. We can now drive a model S vs a maxed out ultra or Extreme?? They have to fix this and also stop with their generic form letter relations and no replys.

        1. Thanks for sharing David. And first off, thank you for your service! It is much appreciated. At this time there hasn’t been any discounts for anyone including Veterans, first responders, or teachers. As for Fisker Ocean features, we agree the car should have sustainable rubber floor mats maybe with excess rubber from the Bridgestone tire factory? Not familiar with the C8 Corvette rollout. In a perfect world, there would be more pop-up locations and ultimately showrooms for the Fisker Ocean. That would be everyone an opportunity to kick the proverbial tires.

  3. @Steve: The Ocean has never been positioned as a luxary car. It’s positioned as the most sustainable SUV and at least with the Sport trim as a very affordable one. Would never go with a extremely boring Tesla. From my perspective there are better opportunities besides the Ocean.

  4. I made the mistake of not thinking the solar roof through in practical matters. Seeing the view from the inside is horrendous and totally obstructs the view of the sky which is what one would want to see. Not a bunch of lines that are distracting. Solution? Tint it so you can’t see out of the glass? Or purchase an after market shade at additional cost to me?

    I’m starting to rethink my purchase. The reality is that the little extra free energy the solar roof provides is not a good trade off for a roof that is hideous from the inside, obstructive and distracting while driving daily. This was not well thought out from a practical standpoint.

    1. An option to give Ocean One and Extreme customers the ability to switch or “delete” the SolarSky for OpenSky would be welcomed!

  5. With the “Tron” look on the interior, I’ve decided to look elsewhere for an EV. Not allowing the solar roof to be an option on the high ends versions seems like forcing someone to have something that provides little value. When living in an environment that has 105-110 degrees in the summer, the see-through glass also becomes an annoyance by adding additional heat (=additional energy needed to cool it down = reduction in distance). Good looks don’t always equal good practicality.

    If these were options, and I had the ability to test drive it, I’d definitely consider it.

  6. Hi Andy, I have reserved the One, and I have read/seen several promotions stating that this “Is a Luxury Vehicle.” I’m not saying it is, just that I have been told that it is meant to be

  7. There will be no option to decline the solar for glass . They responded.

    “Unfortunately, it will not be possible to opt out for the SolarSky for the your Fisker Ocean One.”

    Not happy. The roof for me is useless as I will black it out

  8. David, I’m an investor too, yet I’m finding, recently, I’m in your camp. We’ve been teased this vehicle for two years now. Some of us have plopped down $5K and others 250 before a deadline for “the car in the pictures”. Now, I find – we find, David – that we can’t get that car in the pictures. Not for its advertised price, anyway. The paint job for the car in the pictures is an extra $4,500 and the wheels are $2,800 (others are more).

    You know, when they (he?) clearly stated that customers purchasing the mid-level (Ultra) model who decide to purchase all of the available options would ultimately pay $84,000. And that the Extreme is a value for only $69,000. That sets expectations. And then months later, with my deposit in hand, you tell me, ‘but not the car we’ve been showing you for TWO Years’… well, we have a saying in America; that’s classic bait and switch. (We almost never saw a white Ocean in photos).

    Still, like a lot of fan boys here, I’m kind of waiting on the Treasury Dept’s decision on the IRA EV tax credit. And I’ve sold myself on it… or so I’ve been saying to myself.

    Though, Sean, you obviously have Henrik’s ear. So I hope you share thoughts expressed here by people who’ve been going on this previously joyful ride, and add this… there is no way I’m shelling out $75k on a vehicle – that I’m encouraged to park in the sun – where I’m going to find my interior with a checkerboard pattern etched by the sun into it a year or two down the road.

    I would be surprised if I’m the only one who feels let down in recent weeks. Honestly, after this latest revelation, the excitement is gone. I’m not paying a penny extra to some great car designer to fix it because he couldn’t think about something so basic. So I hope you will, more politely than I, reach out to him and explain that “easing my concerns” by asking me to pay to fix his oversight, doesn’t sit well. Especially so if the fix reduces the promised benefits. That’s not a “solution” – that’s a workaround and there’s an ocean of difference.

    I’m an investor in the company, my intention was to steadily build toward a position that would be significant for me. I’m still hanging in there but I’ve ‘pared’ new purchases and that goal for the time being. I know writing this might give Adams and others fuel we don’t desire. But I also think the company needs to hear this and they need to show accountability. My purchase experience, (and David’s above) has lost its allure. I’m waiting to see if the company has it in them to provide a real solution. In all businesses, we have to be accountable to our word.

  9. I agree. ! Traded messages with “Radgiver” again this weekend. All I want is the chance to sit in an actual car, not a prototype. I want to feel the interior before I commit. (3/13 for my ONE) I want to know how my vehicle will be serviced. I would fly anywhere USA to do this, however, Fisker “doesn’t know yet.” On any of my questions. Except “can I transfer or sell my $5k deposit?” The answer is no. As far as the $7500 tax deduction….that only equates to around $2200 actual cash in hand savings….
    I told Fisker through Radgiver, that I bought a used Tesla S P 100 D from Carmax. I have 30 days to decide If I want to keep it. If Fisker can’t provide me with answers to the questions I just listed, then: Bye-bye. I fear that the company will fail anyway, leaving owners with an unserviceable vehicle.

  10. And Steve M, that’s at the crux of this… which I didn’t want to run on with. Fisker Inc. needs us to get the Ocean project (all of the projects) safely off the ground and through the precarious start-up phase. We are taking risk purchasing a vehicle from a company with no track record. I think almost all of the readers’ of Sean’s blog these past months have accepted the risk to be a part of (and maybe part owner of) this very exciting and beautiful product.

    And yet, we have no commitment that there will be someone skillful and reputable to service the vehicle. By default, we have no commitment that the warranty will have any company to stand behind it. (Or, if our sun damaged interior will even be covered). So yeah, fear of failure goes to the heart of the purchase decision. When these other issues pop up with a proverbial hand in our pocket… the combined red flags can’t be ignored.

    The 2011 Toyota and 2017 Mazda in my driveway combined cost less than the Extreme I ordered to beat the new IRA bill. I’m also new to EV… so for this reader in the group, this will tell you that I probably well represent some of the less engaged Ocean depositors. And we need, more than some others, some assurances. For us it is not just the potential regret, it is also the possible financial consequences that impacts our family budget. Surely this can be appreciated by the Fisker team.

    Fisker Inc. folk… Until this past weekend, I haven’t looked at another car/suv since I began my Fisker journey almost 2 years ago. My vehicle was 10 years old then and I’ve been willing to wait. Now… my browser has cookies from other manufacturers, new and old. That’s not a good sign for you, and I’m not alone. Truthfully, In the past week I’ve learned more about Abrams and Leopard tanks than I have your car in two years. My Car! Please stop acting like this is an SEC enforced quiet period and treat us like we are someone important… like your customer.

    (Also… talk to Marketing and get them to start showing a white colored Ocean in your advertising and to bring to your pop ups, etc. etc… I’m really miffed the same nice colors show up all over the place, and at lock-in we find they’re actually a higher price point than what you’ve been stating. Whoever thought that was okay needs to find a new company to work for. Sean, you conveniently left that out too, man).

    A FSR Shareholder.

  11. My thoughts…..I check every other day to hopefully hear some information about ANY of the questions I need answers to……crickets….I DO NOT believe that Fisker gives a @#$% about my questions or concerns or they would have reached out to me. Radgiver has set up several “case files” for the Fisker people to examine and report back to me…Crickets…..It is a shame….just tell me that I can test this car BEFORE I select my interior, color, or wheels…but they “WILL NOT POSTPONE” my 3/13 date to choose.

What are your thoughts?