Fisker Confirms US Allotment of Ocean Ultra and Sport Is Sold Out

Fisker exploring an increase to Fisker Ocean production in late 2023 as US allocation of Ocean Ultra and Sport is completely sold out.

Today, Fisker confirmed they are indeed sold out of Ocean Ultra and Sport trims allocated for US customers in 2023. As we noted yesterday, the Ocean Extreme was still available for pre-order here in the United States at the time. The company opened pre-orders for US customers on Sunday after the Senate approved the Inflation Reduction Act.

Fisker Ocean test vehicle in Los Angeles, CA earlier this month.
Fisker Ocean test vehicle in Los Angeles, CA earlier this month.

As early as today, congress will take a vote on the historic Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The US House of Representatives is expected to pass the legislation. Then, it will head over to President Biden for signature. It will have sweeping changes to the Federal EV tax system. The 200,000 manufacturer cap will be eliminated. This will require all vehicles to be produced in North America in order to qualify for the EV tax credit.

In light of this, Fisker proactively opened pre-ordering for US reservation holders before the Federal EV tax credit system changes. Earlier this week, Fisker gave all US reservation holders a chance to retain eligibility for the $7,500 Federal EV tax credit. At the time, Fisker told US reservation holders supplies were limited. In less than a week, 2023 US allotments of Fisker Ocean Ultra and Sport trim levels are sold out. This latest announcement follows Ocean One completely selling out in 9 launch markets during the month of July.

On November 18, 2022, Fisker will begin taking orders for Ocean Extreme in select global launch markets. This will be followed by opening of pre-orders for Ocean Ultra and Sport trims in Q1 2023 for launch markets outside of the US. The company continues to take reservations for Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR world-wide.

Increasing Production

Fisker Ocean test vehicles.
Fisker Ocean test vehicles.

Fisker tells us today they are exploring US manufacturing sites for the Fisker Ocean. This will allow customers here in the United States access to an EV tax credit in 2024. Furthermore, the company is also considering an increase to Fisker Ocean production in late 2023. This will require Fisker to work with Magna and other companies that supply parts to the company.

There are only 97 days until the start of production. This past week Fisker visited the carbon-neutral factory in Austria. The company is preparing for large-scale manufacturing with Magna. Fisker says they established a “Mission Control” center. This will allow the two companies to meet daily to ensure high-quality manufacturing.

Additionally, Fisker and Magna teams are working closely to make sure operations run as smoothly as possible. The companies are working together on logistics for parts coming into the plant, vehicle handovers, port operations, and outbound logistics to manage customer deliveries in nine launch markets.

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Confirms US Allotment of Ocean Ultra and Sport Is Sold Out

  1. Hi Sean,
    Do you know of any information out there about Fisker’s plans to lease the upper trim’s of the Ocean? It is nearly impossible to make a purchase vs. lease comparison without some hard numbers from Fisker. I had to relinquish my option to take advantage of the possible $7,500 govt. incentive for lack of information from Fisker because of my preference (not requirement) to lease. Fisker has bragged about how streamlined and nimble their decision making process is. OK, if that is true what is their holdup about coming up with a lease offering, I ask. BTW, I have written directly to Fisker asking for lease info. and Mr. Radgiver always pleasantly sidesteps the issue. And the biggest unanswered question for me is, “when will I receive my Fisker Ocean Ultra if I choose to lease?”

    I would rather not burden you with these questions but at this point I do not know where else to turn and you are in the thick of it more than anyone I know of. Thanks for your great work.


    Robert Emery

    1. Good question Robert. Everything we know about the Fisker Flexible Lease is published in this article. As soon as Fisker release more info we will be sure to publish a new article.

  2. I don’t understand — I’ve been a reservation holder since 2020. Passed on the One — but no email saying orders were open, no text no alert? That’s ridiculous. It’s like having a reservation doesn’t even matter. Or did they go in order of reservation data— but even if they did. I would’ve had to be in the first 2000z

  3. I agree with Alison. I turned down the ocean one because I also was waiting for the sport and didn’t receive any information. When I signed at the beginning Fisker was indicating their cars would be about $29K and now they’re $68K/$38K and unavailable to order. They don’t seem too loyal to those who trusted them several years ago. ☹️

What are your thoughts?