Fisker Changes Ocean Sport Production Date

Fisker now displays production dates of all Fisker Ocean electric SUV trims and timing has changed for Fisker Ocean Sport.

Today, we learned the customer experience to pre-order a Fisker Ocean One has slightly changed since we completed the process earlier this month. As a results, we now see a new date when the Fisker Ocean Sport will be produced.

New production dates listed when pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One
New production dates listed when pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One.

Reservation holders that visit the Fisker site to accept or reject the offer to pre-order Fisker Ocean One now see production start dates. With the latest batch of pre-order invites out this week, this screen will be new to many. A lot of people have already chosen whether or not to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One launch vehicle.

Fisker now shows off the production dates of each Fisker Ocean trim. As we know, the Fisker Ocean will start production on November 17, 2022 (Q4 2022) through Q3 2023. That is 118 days away from today. The site shows Fisker Ocean Extreme starting production in Q2 2023, Ocean Ultra in Q3 2023, and Ocean Sport in Q3 2023. This is the first time we’ve seen the site list production dates for all trims. If customers don’t select to pre-order Ocean One, they need to select their preferred trim.

Fisker Ocean Sport Production Date

Previously, the company said Fisker Ocean Sport would start production late 2023. That means we could see Ocean Sport production begin much sooner than previously announced. For many holding out for the $37,499 Fisker Ocean Sport, this is good news especially for consumers who haven’t reserved their Fisker Ocean yet.

On Fisker’s FAQ, it still states the following:

Given the high degree of interest in the Fisker Ocean SUV premium models, it is likely that Fisker Ocean Sport production will not commence until late 2023, initially at modest volumes, with higher volumes expected in 2024.

The Ocean Sport electric SUV could get produced in either July, August, or September of next year. This could mean one or two things. Either demand for the most expensive trims may not be as strong as initially thought or Fisker has found a way to increase production capacity. Regardless, we look forward to hearing from the company on the Q2 2022 earnings call, which is less than two weeks away.

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Changes Ocean Sport Production Date

  1. I’m a holdout for a Sport, reservation probably somewhere around 45,000. This is great news if I can get one before 2024 pricing increases. I just really wish a Sea Salt interior was an option – I don’t need faux suede, just a light fabric would do.
    That said, I’m really surprised the Extreme isn’t starting until Q2 – is it really going to take them Nov-Mar just to ramp 5,000 Ones? Or are they deliberately holding it off to coax more people to pay up front for the One?

  2. Also waiting for a Sport (in Canada). Will heated front seats be standard or Winter Package only? That’s all I really need. So far all I’ve heard about the Winter Package is a heated windshield. I would consider the solar roof if made available.

  3. I am still not sure when to expect delivery of the Ocean model I reserved so many months ago. At that time, there was only one model, priced at $37,499, which is now called the Ocean Sport, and I was reservation number 12,000. Are we still one year away from being one year away??.

What are your thoughts?