First Experience of Fisker Ocean by Out of Spec Reviews

Kyle gets a first look of the Fisker Ocean in Las Vegas for a super rare and last minute opportunity to drive the electric SUV.

Today, Kyle from Out of Spec Reviews shared a test drive of the Fisker Ocean. In a super rare, last minute opportunity he gives us a first look review from the Las Vegas pop-up location. In the nearly 30 minute video, he gets his first experience of driving a pre-production Fisker Ocean. The Fisker Ocean tested was in Big Sur Blue, with MaliBlu interior, and 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels. Kyle test drives the vehicle, gets a first look at the user-interface, and gives his final thoughts on his first Fisker Ocean experience.

Todd Omotani, SVP of UX at Fisker, explaining the User Experience in Las Vegas.
Todd Omotani, SVP of UX at Fisker, explaining the User Experience in Las Vegas.

Also, you’ll get a chance to hear directly from Todd Omotani the SVP of UX at Fisker. We met Todd in Graz, Austria as he provided a similar demo to us. This time, he shares background on why the Fisker Ocean has a vertical display in driving mode vs. horizontal screen. During the demo, Todd mentions how his team has to make a great native experience even with all the fanfare of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on social media. It was an insightful chat between Todd and Kyle.

Finally, at the 22:30 mark in the video, Kyle gives his final thoughts. He provides some positives and negatives from his Fisker Ocean experience. He didn’t have the “whoa, we’re ripping it” feeling when pressing down the accelerator. Kyle said the vehicle is very front-wheel drive biased and could use fine tuning to make the vehicle more fun to drive. Kyle thinks the Fisker Ocean will be a comfortable cruiser for normal people. He said the cabin is a little bit smaller than the Volkswagen ID.4. Overall, very competent and very quiet for the every day driver.

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12 thoughts on “First Experience of Fisker Ocean by Out of Spec Reviews

  1. I was surprised to hear him say that re cabin size as I thought the ocean is quite a bit wider and bigger overall than the I’d.4 but…? Hope they can easily change the front towards rear bias if they continue to get this feedback?

  2. I’m extremely worried about the effect of the light shining through the solar panel roof. Looks extremely annoying. I’ve asked fisker if this could be purchased without it, as it only provides up to an additional 1200 miles a year. They said no
    My problem with the Y, which I returned after 7 days, was that it did not have a retractable Shade blocker for the sun roof as my wife’s $30000 Hyundai does.
    I was told that just like the Tesla, you could buy an after market piece that snaps in place when one is available. Why the heck would I want that for $70000.
    My bald head was roasting underneath Tesla’s bubble roof. Deal breaker.
    I keep finding more and more reasons not to complete this purchase of this car. Guess that means I lose 5K

    1. Fisker has heard this feedback. Let’s give them a chance to come up with a solution. Otherwise, you can add tint at 70% to the interior roof. That could help mitigate the issue. We’ll let you know!

      1. I understand about giving Fisker a chance to answer but it is 100% unacceptable that anyone of us should shell out $$$ to put after market tint! This issue Fisker should fix.

  3. @steve let me know if you decide to not follow through on your reservation, I may be interested in switching my ultra to one.

  4. High quality ceramic tint works for Model Y for those who have problems. I am bald and I never had problem myself. I assume it will work for the Ocean as well. Of course, that might block the solar panel. But the solar panel is useless if you park your car in a garage or shade, etc. so the real life loss would be much less than the ideal 1200 miles.

  5. That light shining into the cabin through the sunroof would be extremely annoying. I couldn’t live with that.

  6. A bit disappointing that Kyle’s final thoughts didn’t mention any of the things he was impressed with earlier in the video, like build quality, UI, exterior design, etc. Just focused on the front drive bias. In a world of sub-3 second 0-60 times I wonder if the bar is set high or if the Ocean really is underwhelming to drive. The front wheel bias was also mentioned in the MT review. If a real issue then I can imagine there could be a future option for OTA performance upgrade. Maybe after EPA numbers are established. The car certainly had all the components.

  7. No one should have to put tinting AFTER getting the car. That is nuts! How can Henrick allow the car to be released with such a horrible annoying issue like this! Henrick you better not allow this!

What are your thoughts?