Financing Fisker Ocean One

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At today’s rates, it will cost you $1,109.30/month to finance the Fisker Ocean One over 72 months at 4.94%.

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean One.

Pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One is just around the corner. You have a lot to think about. How are you going to pay for your Fisker Ocean One?

You could pay cash or finance your purchase. At the beginning of the month, we talked about how to finance your Fisker Ocean. We calculated auto loan rates to purchase the Fisker Ocean Sport.

Since then, auto loan rates have gone up considerably. For example, the rate to finance the $37,499 Fisker Ocean Sport over 72 months was 4.44%.

Now, that rate has climbed to 5.04%. It takes the monthly payment from $594.23 to $604.61. This adds an additional $747.36 cost over the life of the loan.

Since Fisker Ocean One is on everyone’s mind, we wanted to find out what the cost will be to finance the launch edition at today’s rates.

Finance Rates for Fisker Ocean One

Financing Options for 2022 Fisker Ocean One.

For starters we’re using the Chase Auto Loan calculator. And, while it doesn’t have Fisker listed yet, we chose a comparable car maker to get today’s rates to finance the Fisker Ocean One.

Now, Fisker may have some special deal with Chase that we don’t know about. We’re assuming customers that choose to forego the cash option and finance the Fisker Ocean One will need to use today’s auto loan rates.

We’ve calculated the cost to finance the entire Fisker Ocean One purchase. We’ve excluded tax and fees since they will be different from state to state or country. The Fisker Ocean One is priced at $68,999. The cost to finance the Fisker Ocean One using a 72-month term is $1,109.30/month at a rate of 4.94%.

This will give you an idea of what your monthly payment will entail for a 6-year loan at today’s rates. As you know, interest rates are expected to rise to cool off the economy. That means, your Fisker Ocean One monthly payment could increase further.

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