Exploring Fisker Ocean Features: A Look at Five Video Clips

Five video clips demonstrating various features of the Fisker Ocean, including adjustments to the steering wheel, reclining of the rear seats, sound system controls, opening of the under-seat storage box, and closure of the SolarSky Roof.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce five new video clips that showcase several exciting features of the Fisker Ocean. Some of these features we’ve never been seen before in action. These exclusive videos were generously shared with us by a reader who recently visited the Copenhagen Center+. The featured video clip highlights capabilities of Driver Profiles and presets. The clip demonstrates how car owners can adjust the telescoping/tilting function of the steering wheel to their liking. It then saves the setting to their driver profile for future use. This allows them to conveniently set it up once and not have to worry about it again. Additionally, Driver Profiles enable owners to personalize specific settings such as the driver’s seat position and mirrors.

Other demonstrable features

In the other video clips, we get to see the rear seats recline, the impressive Fisker Ocean sound system, the under seat storage box, and the closing of the SolarSky Roof and rear tailgate glass. The videos provide insight into the thoughtful design of the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean’s Rear Reclining Seats

Most of us have seen the black button located on the bottom outer side of the rear seats in the Fisker Ocean. Initially, we were unsure of its purpose. Later on, we discovered that it was meant to recline the rear seats, enhancing passenger comfort. The video clip demonstrates how the button can be used to recline one side of the rear seats. Then, we get to quickly see the seats returned to their upright position. And yes, the seats can be laid mostly flat to enlarge the cargo area and accommodate larger objects.

Playing with Fisker Ocean Sound System

During our visit to Graz, Austria, we had the opportunity to listen to the Fisker sound system. However, we did not get to witness the presets in action, which determine the audio’s location. We’ve even seen Henrik Fisker show off the audio system. In this clip, while the song “Lessons In Love” by Level 42 is playing, we catch a brief glimpse of the equalizers and various sound control options. We also get to observe the volume button on the floating button island being adjusted to increase and decrease the volume.

Under Seat Storage Box

The video clip showcases the under seat storage box on the driver’s side of the vehicle. This storage compartment can be utilized to store essential documents, an electronic tablet, or even a bunch of napkins from your favorite fast-food restaurant. Generally, the area under the front seats remains unused. However, Fisker has cleverly made use of this space by incorporating an under seat storage box. Furthermore, Fisker will also provide a few storage options in the center console.

Fisker Ocean: Closing SolarSky Roof & Rear Glass

Fisker has released several videos featuring the SolarSky Roof. However, there are not many videos available that show regular consumers like us getting to experience it firsthand. However, that has changed now. This video clip not only displays the SolarSky Roof closing, but also showcases the rear tailgate window glass of the Fisker Ocean shutting.

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