Exclusive Interview with Henrik Fisker

We sat down with Henrik Fisker to talk about Ocean One, get a Fisker Ocean update, and then he revealed a new Fisker PEAR photo.

Today, we sat down and had a chance to catch up with Henrik Fisker. In our first interview with the Chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc, we covered a lot of ground and received some new updates. Henrik shared some exciting news with us about the Fisker Ocean and PEAR. Get your first look at the new Fisker PEAR photo below.

Exclusive Fisker PEAR photo shared with us this morning during our first interview with Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO of Fisker Inc.

Henrik shared the latest for future Fisker Ocean One owners including a mention of the “Taco Tray” that we’ve recently seen in videos. He provided an update on the overall Fisker Ocean program. We discussed his upcoming visit to the Magna factory in Graz, Austria next month. There, Henrik will take a look at the production intent Fisker Ocean vehicles rolling off the assembly line.

Also, Henrik shared his thoughts on Fisker Ocean reservations, 2024 production capacity, and American manufacturing. We touched on the East Coast debut of the Fisker Ocean. Best of all, Henrik shared with us an exclusive photo of the Fisker PEAR. During the interview Henrik confirmed start of production is on target for November 17, 2022, which is only 84 days away.

Personal Touch

We kicked off the interview by asking Henrik about the Welcome Message sent out earlier this week to future Fisker Ocean One owners. We asked Henrik, “What prompted or inspired you to send out that Welcome Message earlier this week?” His response was all about creating a personal touch. Fisker wants to find a different way to interact with its customers. If you remember, Fisker is differentiating itself by focusing on Product Development and Customer Experience. Perhaps, this personal touch will be something we can expect to see at Fisker Lounges that will be opening up later this year.

East Coast Debut

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022
Fisker Ocean at the last pop-up location in Pebble Beach, CA.

This weekend the Fisker Ocean is headed to New York. The Fisker Ocean will be at a Gala Reception in Southampton on Saturday night to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF). Henrik will be attending the event to talk about the electric SUV. Also, Henrik shared that the Milken Foundation bought a Fisker Ocean One to auction it off at the invitation-only event.

Then, on Sunday, August 28, 2022, from 10:30AM-6:30PM Eastern Time, the Fisker Ocean will be in Brooklyn at Domino Park. You may also see Henrik’s Blue Planet Fisker Ocean Extreme test vehicle driving in and around New York City. Henrik said there are a lot of people excited to see the Fisker Ocean on the east coast. You’ll probably like Henrik’s response when we asked him about driving the Fisker Ocean south to Miami, FL.

The Fisker PEAR

During the interview, Henrik shared a lot of new details about the Fisker PEAR. In fact, he provided us with an exclusive new photo of the company’s second electric vehicle. We asked Henrik what type of revolutionary vehicle will the Fisker PEAR be. Not only did he tell us about the non-traditional vehicle and its Houdini trunk, but he shared where the company is with it’s canopy-like glass windshield.

Also, Henrik talked about how the PEAR could be the second electric vehicle among family households used for city driving. He told us that he wants to give customers the ability to obtain a full charge in less than 15 minutes. That way Fisker PEAR owners won’t have to spend too much time at charging stations. Now, it’s another reason for you to reserve your Fisker PEAR.

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Henrik Fisker

  1. Glad Sean you finally got an opportunity to interview Henrik Fisker live. How did you arrange that? I hope that opens the door for more interviews in the coming months so he can answer your readers pressing questions.
    Thanks for the interview.

    1. You’re welcome Steve! Arranging it was hard work. It took me 375 articles written over the past 6 months to get that setup with his team. It was well worth it though. Henrik was such a pleasure to speak with even for such a brief period of time. I too look forward to the next one!

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