Electrifying Winter Driving in the Fisker Ocean

Watch three Fisker Oceans navigate icy and snowy roads with exceptional handling and traction in latest cold weather testing video.

Today, Fisker published a video showcasing winter driving that occurred in Northern Sweden. This video was likely recorded at the end of February during the harsh Swedish winter. The company had previously shared several photos of the Fisker Oceans covered in snow during that time. The images showcased the Fisker Oceans with a variety of exteriors, including Big Sur Blue, Red Planet, and Blue Planet.

The nearly two-minute video from today displays stunning footage of not just one, but three Fisker Oceans. They are navigating through cold weather conditions, such as snowy and icy roads. The video showcases the Fisker Ocean’s all-wheel drive capabilities, demonstrating the electric SUV’s exceptional traction and responsive handling. These features make driving on icy and snowy roads a balanced and confidence-inspiring experience.

Henrik’s thoughts…

At the time, Henrik Fisker commented on the photos and videos. He stated that the Fisker Ocean requires no cleaning of the license plate or taillights. Even when driving on a frozen lake in minus 12-degree weather. Furthermore, he shared the digital rearview camera allows for a clear view of the back. It prevents the need for a rear wiper, which can become frozen or stuck.

Henrik Fisker went on to express his delight with winter testing. He said that it was enjoyable, and the handling of the Fisker Ocean exceeded expectations. The car performed exceptionally well, and Abbie Eaton, their race car driver, was also present during the testing. He also praised the Bridgestone all-weather and winter tires, which performed exceptionally well on the Fisker Ocean.

Our takeaway

In summary, the ice simulation around the Magna Steyr test track is no substitution for real-world winter driving. Fisker’s winter testing video captures the Fisker Ocean’s ability to handle and perform well under the toughest winter conditions. The video demonstrates the electric SUV’s all-wheel-drive capabilities, traction, and responsive handling. Overall, this makes driving on icy and snowy roads a confidence-inspiring experience. We hope you enjoy the electrifying winter driving video!

Gallery: Fisker Ocean Winter Driving

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