Don’t Expect Independent Testing & Reviews of Fisker Ocean This Summer

Fisker Ocean One

Originally planned for Summer 2022, journalists won’t be able to get behind the wheel of the Fisker Ocean for independent testing and reviews until fall.

Fisker Ocean - Silver Lining, 22" F3 SlipStream Wheels, Sea Salt Interior

Today, we learned Fisker is moving the date when journalists will be able to independently test and review the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker wanted to get journalists behind the wheel of the Fisker Ocean well before start of production in November 17, 2022. The company wanted to invite some journalists to Magna Steyr in Austria this summer for independent testing and reviews.

Now, it looks like this date will be pushed back to the fall due to the Display UI not being ready until October.

Originally planned for summer

If you remember, on Fisker’s Q4 2021 earnings call, Henrik Fisker stated journalists would be able to get behind the wheel of a Fisker Ocean this summer. On the call, at approximately the 5:30 mark, you can hear Henrik state, “And I think once we get journalists and customers out and experiencing this sometime later this summer, I think we’re going to see another amazing uptick in reservation, because its in a class of its own.”

In the Q&A session, Henrik continued, by saying “I think we’re planning here the summer to get over and get a few people over to do some test drives. That’s still the plan.” During the call Fisker said the company would have an industry-leading configurator ready by summer. Not to mention a couple of Fisker Experience Centers opened too. Now, the 3D configurator is scheduled for October. Experience Centers to open worldwide in November.

Change of plans

Fisker Ocean: Big Sur Blue + Silver Lining

As we reported yesterday, the user interface for the 17.1″ display on the Fisker Ocean won’t be ready until October. That means it will be tough for anyone to fully conduct and complete independent testing for their reviews.

In an exchange on Stocktwits, Fisker confirmed the company is still “planning” for journalist testing. The company is now aiming for October or early November. Independent testing and reviews will commence after the UI is complete.

The company will be cutting it close to the start of production in November. Fisker opens pre-orders on July 1st for the $68,999 Ocean One. If independent testing won’t take place before October, those who pre-order shouldn’t expect to test drive the Fisker Ocean before purchase. However, Fisker will provide more viewing opportunities at pop-up locations.

Making the logistics work

Whoever pre-orders the Fisker Ocean in July is going to need to put a lot of faith in Fisker. They will be required to make a commitment to pre-order a $68,999 Ocean One within 7-days of receiving their pre-order notification by email. Logistics wise, it will be difficult for 5,000 reservation holders to test drive a Fisker Ocean immediately after journalists publish their independent testing and reviews and before start of production. It’s going to be tough to make the logistics work. We have a better plan for Fisker to help mitigate these delays.

Hassle-Free Returns

Fisker would be wise to offer a cancellation or hassle-free return policy to anyone who pre-orders and purchases a Fisker Ocean One without a test drive first. As an early reservation holder (September 2020) and investor in Fisker ($FSR), that would give me the peace of mind and comfort I need to complete my purchase without a test drive or seeing independent testing and reviews. In fact, as a Model 3 owner, I’d be happy to take the Fisker Ocean for a test drive ahead of the UI being ready to share my honest feedback.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Expect Independent Testing & Reviews of Fisker Ocean This Summer

  1. Hassle free returns are the only way Fisker will get people to commit to a 69K purchase without actual reviews and test drives.

  2. I have concerns about the UI not being complete yet. Writing UI code is something that should be rushed or taking lightly.

  3. Yeah, I don’t think that’s great news. It seems that investors may react incorrectly to these events and the company’s shares may be under pressure … especially in this difficult time)

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