Digital Rearview Mirror In Full Action

Fisker shows off the interior digital rearview mirror on the Fisker Ocean One electric SUV with a snow covered rear window.

Today, Fisker shared more footage of the winter testing in Northern Sweden that took place at the end of February. The video clip shows off a Fisker Ocean One leaving behind snowy tracks. The electric SUV with the ‘One’ badge on the rear has a Big Sur Blue exterior and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels. It also appears to have a MaliBlu interior. To date, this happens to be the most popular configuration of the Fisker Ocean One. However, those aren’t what Fisker is showing off in the video clip and photos.

To get the full picture (literally), you needed to piece the video clip together with the photos shared of the Ocean One. This probably went largely unnoticed too. As the Fisker Ocean One tears up the snowy track we get a vantage point from the digital rearview mirror. It’s extremely clear. In fact, it’s as if the rear window of the electric vehicle is perfectly clean. Well, it’s fully covered in snow! It goes to show how useful the digital interior rearview mirror can be with a dirty rear window.

Fisker Ocean digital rearview mirror in action with snow covered rear window.
Fisker Ocean digital rearview mirror in action with snow covered rear window.

The function is similar to that of a conventional rearview mirror, as it reflects the view from the back. However, the digital rearview mirror displays footage from a high-definition wide-angle camera that is discreetly placed under the rear spoiler. If you didn’t know, the digital rearview mirror comes standard on all trims of the Fisker Ocean. This means if your Ocean Sport, Ultra, or Extreme has a dirty rear window, you’ll be able to see out of it perfectly with your digital rearview mirror.

Is that a new feature!?

Lastly, we think the exterior paint color of the Fisker Ocean One looks pretty stunning with the orange glow of the sun setting, but there’s more! We also caught something else in the video clip from earlier today. In the original photos of the Swedish winter testing, we thought we saw something behind the front passenger doors, but weren’t completely sure what it was. Now we know what was on the ‘B pillar’ of these Fisker Ocean Ones. We thought it might be a new design feature, but it’s not!! It’s a sticker that reads “Electric Vehicle”. ⚡

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