Configuring Your Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One

Henrik confirms your Fisker Ocean One configuration options once you pre-order the electric SUV launch edition.

Fisker Ocean One EV

Today, Henrik Fisker shared an image of his Fisker Ocean One. In the photo, you can see he chose Blue Planet, Sea Salt interior, and 22” F5 AirGlider wheels. This tells us a few things about your Fisker Ocean One configuration options.

Yesterday, we started to second guess ourselves around configuring the Fisker Ocean One. For a minute, I thought Fisker was going to pull a Henry Ford, “You can have a car painted any color that you want, as long as it is black.” Henrik Fisker puts our doubts to rest. Again, thank you Henrik for sharing this information with us.

Firstly, you can choose your Fisker Ocean paint color. There are 7 paint color options you can choose from when configuring your Fisker Ocean One. Fisker Ocean One can be painted in Great White, Night Drive, Horizon Gray, Mariana Big Sur Blue, Silver Lining, and Blue Planet. We’ve discussed them previously and have chosen some of our favorites.

Secondly, you can choose your vegan interior color. Fisker offers you three options to configure the interior color of your Fisker Ocean One. You can choose from Black Abyss, Sea Salt, or MaliBlu when selecting your interior color. The signature color for Fisker Ocean One is MaliBlu. The later name inspired by the beautiful beach of Malibu, which is North West of Fisker HQ.

Thirdly, you can select your 22″ wheel options. This one we knew about for the Fisker Ocean One. It was clearly called out in the Special Features section on Fisker’s site. You can configure your Fisker Ocean One with either the 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels or 22” F5 AirGlider wheels. Each alloy wheel option comes in silver or black. Our favorites are the 22” F5 AirGlider wheels in black. They look great on just about every color of the Fisker Ocean One.

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Lastly, Henrik confirmed the Fisker Ocean One wheels will come with all-season tires standard on 22″ wheels for customers in the United States. That’s good news for people across the country who experience slick roads throughout the year.

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  1. What about towing package? they mentioned towing capacity but i havent heard anything about factory installed towing.

  2. Is this really true? Talking to the reps on the fisker site, they say that the only option for 22″ is performance and 20″ has all season

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