Camping in Your Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean - Solar Orange, Black Abyss interior, 22" wheels

Imagine camping in your Fisker Ocean, sleeping under the stars in the rear of the electric SUV, and staring in wonder through the glass roof.

Today, we read on the Fiskerati Forums about the idea of camping in the Fisker Ocean. It’s what inspired us to take a closer look at whether or not it’s possible to camp in the Fisker Ocean. Camping under the stars in electric vehicles is actually a thing. In fact, it’s been popularized by companies making bedding specifically designed for electric vehicles.

Let’s go camping

Camping under the stars anyone?
Camping under the stars in your Fisker Ocean.

We’ve always thought it would be fun to go camping in our electric vehicle for a weekend. A camping roadtrip might a little too much. It would have to be somewhere close to home, a couple of hours away. Restrooms and showers, maybe even a pool, would be required!

About a year ago, we saw a video on YouTube about camping in a Tesla Model 3. We looked into it and there are a bunch of companies that make bedding specifically for the rear of Tesla vehicles. Before buying any bedding we did a trial run in our garage.

We folded the rear seats down and climbed into the our Model 3. We had a lot of space vertically to lay comfortably. The rear of the Model 3 is about as long as a twin-xl mattress. However, the width of the vehicle made it tough for more than two average sized adults to fit comfortably. We came to the quick conclusion that the Model 3 would be too small for our family of three to take camping.

Then, we reserved the Fisker Ocean, and most recently pre-ordered the Ocean One launch vehicle. This morning when I checked the Fiskerati Forums the idea popped back into my head. Camping in the Fisker Ocean could be really fun at night to check out the stars with the glass roof. It doesn’t matter if you own an Ocean Extreme, Ultra, or Sport, each Fisker Ocean trim comes with a glass roof good for stargazing.

Fisker Ocean Rear Measurements

Fisker Ocean trunk space with the rear seats folded down is 45 cubic feet.

This afternoon we had a look at the rear measurements of the Fisker Ocean. We wanted to compare it to our current family electric vehicle which is a Tesla Model 3. Of course this isn’t an apples to apples comparison, but our family doesn’t own a Model Y. However, we soon will own a Fisker Ocean One, which is completely sold out.

On one hand, the trunk space volume in the Fisker Ocean is 20 cubic feet. The company says when you fold the rear seats of the Fisker Ocean the space expands to 45 cubic feet. On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 trunk volume is 19.8 cubic feet and with the rear seats folded down it expands to 43 cubic feet. Now, the Fisker Ocean has a width of 78.5″ compared to the Tesla Model 3, which comes in at 72.8″.

If you recall back to the Super Bowl, Fisker played trivia with us. They asked, “How many footballs can you fit in the Fisker Ocean trunk with the rear seats folded down?” The answer was 213 footballs. That’s a lot of footballs! The company later shared an image rendering of a Fisker Ocean packed with footballs.

Our Final Thought

The Fisker Ocean keeps the camping dream alive for our family. The Fisker Ocean electric SUV will provide us with a tiny bit more space than our current electric vehicle. Also, it will provide us a bit more width for the restless nights, tossing and turning, while camping under the stars. That extra width might help our entire family squeeze into the rear of the Fisker Ocean. One thing is for sure, when we get our Fisker Ocean, we will take exact measurements and go for another trial run in our garage. Let us know in the comments if you plan to take your Fisker Ocean camping.

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  1. What is the name of those wheels shown on the orange colored Fisker Ocean in the picture above ? It is NOT mentioned or offered in the list of optional wheels, or anywhere else !!!!! Also, what is the purpose of the Fisker Referral Codes ???

    1. To refer friends and family. If you refer two people to reserve a Fisker Ocean, the company will send you a water bottle and hat.?

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