Big Wave of Email Invites Sent Out to Pre-Order Fisker Ocean One

Fisker announced the second wave of email invites went out to a group of reservation holders to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One.

Today, Fisker announced it sent out a second wave of email invitations to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. On social media the company says, “This is a history-making first step. You could be 1 of only 5,000 Fisker Ocean One Launch Editions owners world-wide.”

The big wave of pre-order email invitations were sent at approximately 5am Pacific Time. We received our email invite bright and early. We reserved the Fisker Ocean on September 27, 2020.

Below is a copy of the pre-order invite email for your reference. Did you receive the Fisker Ocean One pre-order invite email? Let us know if you did and whether or not you pre-ordered the launch edition.

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5 thoughts on “Big Wave of Email Invites Sent Out to Pre-Order Fisker Ocean One

  1. Received email and reserved on Nov 8, 2021. Not preordering. Need to test drive it before committing any non refundable payments.

  2. I received my invitation to pre-order and canceled my reservation. No test drive before committing to a non-refundable deposit and to be told that the more expensive models will be built first and lesser models later… umm no.

  3. It appears that the email invites have ramped up considerably. Could this be due to a lesser than expected conversion rate? It wouldn’t surprise me given the $5K non refundable deposit at a time when prospective buyers can’t even test drive or read a review that’s independent.

    Even Tesla provided a full refund if you weren’t satisfied in the first week of ownership. Fisker can and should do much better.

    1. Yes, that is entirely possible James. However, I’m hearing that some people who reserved before me have not received an invite. When I went through the pre-ordering process this morning. There was a screen during Step 1 that needed to check my address for availability of Fisker Ocean One in my region. It appears, there may be more Fisker Ocean One SUVs in one geography than others. While Fisker said they would go sequentially through the reservation queue, some markets may be selling out faster than others. Time will tell how all of this shakes out. People are discussing it right now in the Fiskerati Forums.

  4. Email I sent to Fisker today after receiving my Ocean One invitation to preorder. Very disappointed and feel a little mislead. Cordial response has already been received but no effort to appease situation other than “maybe you will be more comfortable at a later date and order a different trim model.”

    Hello. I received an email today letting me know that in fact I am one of the first 5000 invitees at this time for the ONE. While I am elated to be in this category, I am dumbfounded by the surprise news of a $5000 Non Refundable deposit. I don’t think in the current economic climate that we are facing that it makes any sense to throw $5000 toward Fisker’s new venture when the previous one was a failure. My concern is that while things look stable there is still not one unit built for consumer only usage and not just the prototype show cars. I think I was around 9000 in reservation number based on the date I made my deposit of $250 in November of 2020. I am guessing that I must not be the only one dismayed and saddened by the $5000 non refundable deposit which is why I have moved up in line. I am just not comfortable putting that kind of money on the line to not have any recourse if things go haywire or builds become severely delayed due to supply chain issues etc. I will most likely wait and miss out on this trim level for the above reasons. I just wanted to voice my concerns because I feel like I’m kinda trapped if I really want the trim level that I desire. Your company and your rules but I don’t like how the new rules do not protect me at all if this venture somehow goes south and fails like the luxury sports car did years ago. Hopefully this email serves as some insight in to your early adopter consumer feelings and will provide some necessary feedback that you may not be receiving due to people just saying Oh Well !!

    I don’t know what I will decide yet but I have waited a long time by not purchasing a different electric vehicle from an already established manufacture which obviously there are several choices now that were not available choices when I made my deposit. I welcome any further dialogue in reference to my Ocean reservation. My deposit was made on a card which has since been closed. Should I decide to cancel my entire reservation and get my $250 deposit returned minus the 10% cancellation fee, how will this money be refunded to me since that card is not valid now? Thank you and have a great day.

What are your thoughts?