Behind the Scenes Video of Team Fisker at Magna

Fisker shared behind the scenes video from their recent visit to Magna to check out the production line, prototypes, and prep for November.

Yesterday, Fisker shared a video in their Instagram Stories with behind the scenes footage from their latest visit to Magna. We combined all the videos together to get a better look. The video includes Team Fisker walking through the Magna factory in Graz, Austria. The Fisker team checks out the production line and the latest prototypes. Also, the company held talks with Magna about prepping for November start of production.

New Fisker Ocean Features

In the video, there wasn’t any audio in the video other than music. On the screen, you can see words as Henrik speaks. He says, “So, we are here looking at the first prototype where we actually have all the parts that came together in the vehicle three and a half months before SOP. Very cool.”

We took still photos from the video to show some new features we haven’t seen below. For example, earlier this week we saw a Fisker Ocean prototype painted in Great White and Sea Grass. Now, we;re seeing Horizon Gray for the first time. Also, shown below is the Silver Lining paint color which we’ve seen already.

Now, one feature we’re seeing for the first time is some sort of pull out tray. It is accessible the front passenger seat. You can see Henrik pull out this tray. Maybe it’s simply a tray for eating or to rest a mobile device on? There was also some sort of pull out foldable shelf in the trunk. We’re also seeing the front and rear interior and a close up of some wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tires.

As of today, Fisker is less than 100 days away from starting production of the Fisker Ocean. Just yesterday, Fisker released its inaugural ESG Impact Report titled, “DRIVEN BY IMPACT” as the company continues to set new standards. The company appears to be firing on all cylinders. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Video of Team Fisker at Magna

  1. That video (and two of the stills) shows wheels that we haven’t seen before. Will they be available in the configurator?

    1. Those should be the wheels behind the 20″ AeroStealth wheel covers. Some people will choose to take off the covers to expose the actual wheels if they like the look of them. Personally, I like the look of those wheels better than the covers. At the end of the day, we need to wait for the next generation configuration to be launched in October to see all the available options.

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