Another Step Closer to Fisker Ocean One Delivery

Fisker Ocean One

Fisker requests that we update our address for delivery and title of our Fisker Ocean One and provides a survey.

Today, we are one step closer to receiving our Fisker Ocean One! If you’ve been following along, most recently we’ve received our sequence number (#0469). However, last night we were requested to update our address for delivery and the title of our Fisker Ocean One. We also received an opportunity to take a survey.

Fisker Ocean One Wheels
Fisker Ocean One with signature F3b SlipStream wheels.

The email from Fisker said, “We are creating the delivery plans for your Fisker Ocean One and need some additional information from you! Please confirm your address and delivery preference by clicking on the ‘Confirm Address’ button below.” It was a short and sweet email that was personalized using our first name.

After clicking the email, the webpage that appeared pre-populated our physical address. It included the question, “Is this your correct delivery address?” The address listed was missing our city. We pressed, the ‘No’ button. As we typed our address, we selected the correct one from a dropdown box.

Then, Fisker asked, “Would you be interested in picking up your vehicle at a Fisker Center or official Fisker pick-up location near you?” We selected ‘Yes’. That could change depending on where the location is in proximity to our home, but we’re open to a short journey. We then pressed ‘Submit’ to complete our confirmation response.

After submitting our information, we were given an opportunity to take an optional survey (see below). The optional survey had a total of 15 questions. It starts off asking about our current vehicle and whether or not we’ve ever owned an electric vehicle. Then, it asked us questions about our purchasing behavior, among other things.

Next Steps…

Lastly, Fisker provided some next steps, well sort of. They said, “We appreciate you confirming your delivery address and preferences. We will notify you of the next steps regarding the delivery of your Fisker Ocean One.” We think the next step in this process will likely be financing our Fisker Ocean One and trading-in our existing vehicle. However, your guess is as good as ours. Nevertheless, stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Another Step Closer to Fisker Ocean One Delivery

  1. I am confused about this article. I was told many months ago that the Ocean One orders are sold out and that I would have to get the Ocean Extreme. This latest article invites the reader to register for the Ocean One now. Can you understand my confusion? Furthermore it mentions July as an important date to order the Fisker Ocean One. Please explain.
    John Jacobsen

    1. This particular article doesn’t even mention Ocean Extreme. This article is simply one of many documenting our journey toward Fisker Ocean One ownership. All 5,000 limited edition Fisker Ocean One electric vehicles sold out at the end of July 2022. At some point this year, Fisker will open Ocean Extreme pre-orders.

  2. I got the exact email and filled it out just as you did…. All depending on where pickup location is, which I would think there would be one here in Houston.

  3. I received the same email but do not have a sequence number and have not even received an email to lock my final build. The process seems a little bit confusing.

    1. The customer experience could be improved. For example, steps of the process could be displayed in a customer’s Fisker account showing where they are in the process from just reserving and locking to financing and taking delivery.

What are your thoughts?