A Closer Look at Fisker’s Patented Hollywood Mode

The Fisker Ocean offers two screen modes, one made specifically for driving and the other for watching entertainment.

Today, Fisker gave us the best view of the 17.1-inch Revolve screen in Hollywood Mode. It’s one of our Top 3 favorite features on the Fisker Ocean electric SUV. The company posted a new photo to social media with the Revolve screen in landscape mode. The Fisker Ocean is sitting on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean with the display in Hollywood Mode.

Most photos and videos of the Fisker Ocean interior show off the central display in portrait mode. Portrait mode is what Fisker refers to as Control Mode. It’s how you’ll use the central display when driving your Fisker Ocean electric SUV. Presumably, having two screen modes gives the EV owner the best digital user experience for either driving or watching entertainment.

Fisker believes its electric vehicles should be driven with the central display in portrait mode and landscape mode should only be used for entertainment. You certainly will be spending more time driving your Fisker Ocean than watching movies in it. The 17.1″ Revolve screen comes standard on the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme trims. It may be an optional upgrade on the Ocean Ultra. We wanted to take a deeper dive into how Hollywood Mode works. Here is what we found.

Fisker Ocean Hollywood Mode

How Fisker’s Hollywood Mode Works

In layman’s terms, the central display on your Fisker Ocean will come with a floating button island beneath the central display. When the center button beneath the display is pressed the infotainment screen rotates from portrait to landscape mode. That is our understanding of how Hollywood Mode works, but we wanted more.

We decided to see if there were any patents filed with the US Patent Trademark Office. Lo and behold, Fisker was recently awarded patent number 11220182 to protect the idea. The patent refers to the idea as a rotating vehicle center information display with stationary buttons and touch bar.

According to the patent, the buttons on the touch bar are what control the rotation mechanism. For instance, once the “Hollywood Mode” button is pressed, you’ll see a software prompt on the screen. It will ask you to cancel the request and start a countdown. If you don’t cancel the request the screen will rotate from portrait to landscape mode. At that time, the Fisker Ocean electric SUV will come to a stop.

“Entertainment Mode” Patent Abstract

An apparatus and methods for rotating a console display device of a vehicle are disclosed. The apparatus includes a display device; a rotation mechanism connected to the display device and configured to rotate the display device between a portrait orientation and a landscape orientation; a touch bar having at least one button; and a memory storing instructions. The instructions include receiving a request from a user via the touch bar to rotate the display device from the portrait orientation to the landscape orientation; sending a message to the user via the display device providing a time for the user to cancel the request; executing, via the rotation mechanism, a rotation of the display device from the portrait orientation to the landscape orientation after the provided time to cancel the request elapses; and sending a signal to disable vehicle movement.

Patent Number 11220182

Below is a copy of the United States Patent issued to Fisker Inc. on January 11, 2022.

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