50% of Reservation Holders Expect to Purchase a Fisker Ocean Ultra, Pay $800 to $1,000/Month

In a new survey, 50% of reservation holders expect to purchase an Ocean Ultra and pay $800 to $1,000/month, Fisker share price doesn’t impact purchase intent for most.

Consumer Sentiment Index Chart
Consumer Sentiment Index.

As you know, the stock market is down. It is well off all-time highs. Typically, when stocks are down consumer sentiment is low.

Well, consumer sentiment is low. In fact, Bloomberg says U.S. consumer sentiment has slumped to a record low on the rapid rise of inflation. As you can see in the chart, it’s the lowest it’s been in over 40 years. Inflation is wrecking havoc on the economy.

Usually during times like these, consumers hold back their spending. Wallet’s tighten up. Spending slows. That’s because you never know what could be around the corner. For example, we could be headed into a recession. During a recession big purchases are typically put on hold. The purchase of an electric vehicle is a big purchase.

Fisker Ocean Purchase Intent

Fisker Ocean at Beverly Hills Auto Show.

There are over 300k Fisker ($FSR) shareholders according to the recent 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting. Fisker also is now well over 50k reservations for the Fisker Ocean. We believe many shareholders are also reservation holders. We are shareholders and have two reservations (Ocean + PEAR).

As a result, we wanted to see if there is a correlation between Fisker share price and Fisker Ocean purchase intent. We also wanted to know what trim people plan to purchase and what they expect to pay monthly for a Fisker Ocean, assuming they are financing their purchase.

Share Price and Purchase Intent

We conducted a two-question survey to figure this out. Our Twitter followers were asked, “Reservation Holders: Does the low $FSR share price in any way impact your buying decision if it remains low at the time of purchase?

There were 79 respondents. The results were surprising. 78.5% of respondents said Fisker share price has no impact on their buying decision. This is in comparison to 13.9% that said it does impact their buying decision. For the latter, it is no longer affordable and they will cancel their reservation. 7.6% of respondents said they will change their trim level from Extreme to Ultra, or from Ultra to Sport.

Fisker Ocean Trim Level and Monthly Payment

We also wanted to know about how much of a monthly payment Fisker Ocean reservation holders were expecting. We asked, “Which Fisker Ocean trim and monthly payment are you considering?

20.8% of respondents plan to pay $1,100+/month for an Ocean One or Extreme. 50% of respondents expect to pay $800 to $1,000/month for an Ocean Ultra. 29.2% of respondents are willing to pay $500 to $800/month for an Ocean Sport. Granted, only 48 respondents answered this question. However, 79.2% of reservation holders want an Ocean Ultra or Sport vs. an Extreme.

Last week on Fox Business News, Henrik said the majority of reservation holders want the high-end trim. After the Ocean Ones are sold out, time will tell how many Extremes are made before Ultra and Sport production begins.

Take the new poll

Now, we want to find out some info about your willingness to spend money on OTA (over-the-air) subscriptions. We setup a poll for you to vote. How much are you willing to spend each month to unlock premium features on your Fisker Ocean? If you’re financing your Fisker Ocean, your payment will range from $500/month for a Sport upwards to $1,100/month for an Extreme. Do you really have an appetite to increase this monthly payment with OTA subscriptions? We’ve setup a new topic on Fiskerati Forum for you to discuss this poll.

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2 thoughts on “50% of Reservation Holders Expect to Purchase a Fisker Ocean Ultra, Pay $800 to $1,000/Month

  1. Due to potential recession impacts, how readily can reservation holders move between trims? I have a reservation for an Extreme trim, but may opt for Ultra or Sport vs. cancelling altogether.

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