33,000+ Reservations Confirmed for Fisker Electric Vehicles

Combined reservations for both the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR stand north of 33,000. Our reservation estimates are between 35k to 36k at this very moment.

As of today, confirmed reservations stand north of 33,000 per Henrik Fisker on 2/28 during the live stream event at the Mobile World Congress. The company received a lot of press coverage with its European reveal. We believe reservations for both the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR are currently between 35k to 36k at this very moment, likely higher. ????????????

After the Los Angeles Auto Show, Fisker racked up ~5,000 reservations within 30 days. Fisker received less press coverage from Mobile World Congress than the LA Auto Show. However, that is offset by the company now accepting PEAR reservations which appeal to more consumers with a $29,900 starting price before any incentives.

Since the start of Mobile World Congress, we believe Fisker has added an additional 2,000 to 3,000 reservations. By the end of March 2022, Fisker will likely surpass 37.5k to 38k in total reservations combined for both Fisker Ocean and PEAR.

This is supported by app downloads of the Fisker Flexee app. Google Play, saw a massive uptick after Mobile World Congress. As a result, reservations for the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR are rapidly climbing like they did after the LA Auto Show.

Massive uptick in Google Play downloads

Fisker Flexee App made massive gains in Google Play during this past week. The Fisker app saw a rise in downloads not only in Europe, but also in the United States. The company’s app currently ranks in the Top 100 for 3 countries, Top 500 for 10 countries, and Top 1,000 for 11 countries. Much of this success is from the successful European debut and a spike in oil prices.

The Android Fisker app made huge strides in the United States, the largest market for the company, followed by the United Kingdom, and Germany. The Fisker Flexee App also made an appear on the Saudi Arabia and France app stores. These indicators tell us a lot of potential customers downloaded the Fisker app. If conversion rates are similar to the cohort that downloaded the app after the LA Auto Show, reservations are on fire at this very moment. ????????????

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