170 Fisker Oceans Manufactured To Date

Fisker builds 75 new Fisker Ocean electric SUVs on the high volume assembly line 22 days before the official start of production.

There are now 170 Fisker Oceans produced on the line at Magna Steyr.

Today, Henrik announced the company has made over 170 Fisker Oceans to date at the Magna Steyr CO2 neutral factory. He took to social media this afternoon to announce the good news. He said, “More than 170 Fisker Ocean’s manufactured to date at the Magna manufacturing plant! SOP November 17th.” Fisker is on track for the official start of production on November 17th as we reported yesterday morning.

Nearly a month ago, the company announced they had built 95 Fisker Oceans. At the time, the company achieved an EV production milestone with manufacturing partner Magna Steyr. Henrik also mentioned recently about trying to build 23 Fisker Oceans in one week. Fast forward almost a month and the company has added 75 additional electric SUVs to the stockpile. In fact, one of them was on display at the Paris Motor Show.

This morning, Henrik also shared a look under the hood of a Fisker Ocean. He said, “Looking under the ‘service only’ hood on the electric Fisker Ocean!” and went on to explain the design. According to Henrik, the company designed the interior to create more storage space like the storage compartments under the seats. This was accomplished by moving electronics and computers in the interior center console and beneath the front seats to under the hood.

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6 thoughts on “170 Fisker Oceans Manufactured To Date

  1. Re: major electronics under the hood
    I hope a frontal crash doesn’t destroy $20K of electronics and computers along with expected bumper, hood, fenders, etc.
    At least we won’t need to replace a radiator and related hoses.
    I’m a longtime shareholder and reservation holder in the first 5,000, plus an Ultra and PEAR. All in!
    Irv in Va.

  2. Irvin,
    I’ve got a 2017 chevy bolt ev, under the hood is all the electronic components etc just like fiske did, allowing more space inside the small ev. A front end crash in a regular ice car would probably result in similar costs, but isn’t that what insurance is for??

  3. hope a few of them are now for external test drives so that we got from external people some informations about the feeling to drive an Ocean!

      1. Was thinking that “a look” would be head on rather than this hint of what’s in there from a distance.
        Now having opened the image to view at full size, there’s a little more detail. Too bad the hood wasn’t opened in Paris!

What are your thoughts?