152 Days Away to Production, New Video Series Launched for Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean Testing

Start of production is now 152 days away, Fisker launches new technology video series showing off innovation inside the Fisker Ocean.

Today, we are 152 days away from the start of Fisker Ocean production. Fisker appeared on Fox Business News yesterday. Henrik said reservations keep piling up. He shared the latest reservation numbers. He went on to confirm the production start date on November 17, 2022. Henrik did the same thing earlier this week at an industry auto conference. As reservation holders, we should feel reassured production will start on time.

New Video Series

Henrik Fisker and Abbie Eaton talking performance testing in new video series.
Henrik Fisker and Abbie Eaton talking performance testing in new video series.

This morning, Fisker launched a new video series for the Fisker Ocean. The new series is called Technology Inside. The video series takes a look at the technology powering the Fisker Ocean. For example, it will shows off its innovation. Leading up to pre-orders of Fisker Ocean One next month, it appears we are going to get a new video dropping each week.

In Episode 01, Abbie Eaton performs Chassis Testing on the Bridgestone Proving Ground. Abbie Eaton is Fisker’s official Test and Development Driver. She is a professional race car driver. Eaton is the one you see behind the wheel of test drives on the Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour. She knows how to put a car through the wringer.

As you may remember, Eaton conducted testing about a month ago providing feedback to Fisker engineers. For instance, she likes where the Fisker Ocean is currently at in terms of performance and handling. She thinks the EV will handle well over pop holes. In the video below, you can see her putting the Fisker ocean to the test. Eaton will continue to help improve the technology and innovation inside the Fisker Ocean.

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