100 Fisker Ocean Prototypes Complete, 3 Headed to USA, & Digital Radar Testing to Begin

Magna Steyr Fisker Ocean ADAS Testing

Magna Steyr is shipping Fisker Ocean prototypes from Europe to the United States this week for the company to begin digital radar testing.

Fisker Ocean Magna Steyr Production On-Time
Fisker Ocean on the Test Track at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.

Today, Henrik said three Fisker Ocean prototypes are headed to the United States. These prototypes are coming from Magna Steyr’s Austria factory in Europe. The Fisker Ocean prototypes will undergo ADAS (Fi-Pilot) testing ahead of production. Production is on target for November 17th this year.

While unconfirmed by the company, we believe Magna Steyr has now built well over 100 Fisker Ocean prototypes. Last time we reported, there were 75 prototypes complete. Fisker’s contract manufacturer was building Fisker Ocean SUVs at a rate of two per day. The company now has enough Fisker Ocean prototypes to conduct testing state side.

Fisker Ocean will include FI-Pilot to enhance driver safety. According to Fisker, this technology will provide a “cocoon of safety” around the vehicle. The Fisker Ocean will include digital cameras and ultrasonic sensors. They will allow the Fisker Ocean to detect objects at long range with accuracy. For example, it will detect vehicles at 200 meters away to provide emergency braking for collision mitigation.

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2 thoughts on “100 Fisker Ocean Prototypes Complete, 3 Headed to USA, & Digital Radar Testing to Begin

  1. I always get downvoted for merely asking the question, but doesn’t the testing timeline seem tight? Digital radar testing to begin, when they want to deliver a bit early in 4 months in October? What if something doesn’t pass?

    It also seems like the strategy is to make a lot of prototypes and test them in a year, rather than some others that have been testing for years. Hope that old saying that you can’t get nine women pregnant and have a baby in one month doesn’t apply here…

  2. i dont understand where the 100 prototypes number came from, as well as the 75 from pervious months.

    In the shareholder meeting this month, Henrik clearly stated Magna finished 43 out of 55 complete high quality prototypes for testing. It does not seem like the company intends to build more prototypes than that. I believe when in previous earning calls, fisker stated Magna had the capabilities to build 2 prototypes per day, but it did not mena they were actually going to do so.

What are your thoughts?