We Made It to Walt Disney World in an Electric Vehicle

In seven days, we traveled over 2,750 miles and spent $298.59 on electricity to go from San Diego, CA to Orlando, FL in our electric vehicle.

Coast to coast route from San Diego, CA to Orlando, FL in our electric vehicle.

Today, we made it to our final destination of Orlando, FL all in an electric vehicle. We are on the door step of Mickey and Minnie Mouse — we made it to Walt Disney World! We can confirm it is 100% possible to travel coast to coast in an electric vehicle. It was mostly pain-free except for traffic in this city or that. Overall, we’d say the our road trip across country to the east coast was a success.

Seven states in seven days

If you’ve been following along, you know we started in San Diego, CA on Saturday of last week. We spent two nights in Arizona. Then celebrated Halloween in New Mexico. We then went through the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, to our last stop in Orlando, FL. Seven states in seven days of driving excluding our home state of California. Clearly, we didn’t go the most direct route in part because we wanted to see certain sites along the way like Magnolia in Waco, TX. We only spent about $20 on snacks and drinks at gas stations along the way. In part by packing two cases of water and some snacks from our local grocery store that we hauled with us on the journey.

Racking up the miles

It felt like a lot of driving and it certainly was a lot of driving. We drove roughly 42 hours over seven days. Our Tesla Model 3 racked up 2,758 miles. We spent $298.59 in charging the battery in our electric vehicle for the entire trip, which required 19 charging stops along the way. Here is a detailed log of our charging at each stop. The battery in our EV currently stands at about 80% fully charged with the most recent charge this evening after dinner. Charging ranged from $0.56/kWh in Arizona to $0.33/kWh in Texas. We also spent about $1.50 in tolls throughout the entire journey all in Florida.

What’s next?

Overall, it was a nice road trip, lots of stuff to see including the Fisker Ocean in Austin, TX. Maybe we’ll drive our Fisker Ocean One across country when we take delivery of it in 2023. Of course we’d take a different route. Next up is enjoying ourselves in Florida for two weeks at The Most Magical Place On Earth (Walt Disney World), including a cruise on the new Disney Wish. Once that’s done, we get to decide how we want to drive our electric vehicle home — Atlanta, Nashville, Pigeon Forge (Dollywood) are ideas. If you have some suggestions of your own please let us know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “We Made It to Walt Disney World in an Electric Vehicle

  1. No free EV charging??
    I followed your daily progress and don’t recall any “free” charging at restaurants, hotels, etc. Did you make an effort to find free electricity or just take what your timing and mapping software identified??
    Irv (Ocean One buyer)

    1. Thank you for following along Irv. We didn’t look for any free charging. Didn’t really have the luxury of waiting around for free Level 1 or Level 2 chargers if there were any on our route. We just needed to keep moving forward at a relatively quick pace.

  2. Sean great recap of your trip so far. I came into Orlando for a wedding yesterday myself! On your return, it might be worth heading just over an hour northeast to the oldest city in the country, St Augustine. Even a few hours there would be cool to see the history and the beach is gorgeous. Less than an hour North is Jax and interstate 10 west to head home. Just a thought! Have a safe trip.


  3. Interesting that the electricity cost for a long road trip are about equal to gas cost for a hybird (assuming 40 mpg and avg gas price of $4.50/gal works out to $309).

    1. You are correct. EV beats pure gas powered car, but not hybrid. Gas in midwest is ~$3.00/gallon and in the south it averages about $3.50/gallon making it less expensive to drive a hybrid across country than an electric vehicle. Driving locally in San Diego where gas is $6/gallon makes it about half the cost of a hybrid for daily commutes if you can charge at home which is 5 times less expensive than using superchargers.

  4. If headed to Nashville, make early reservations for the General Jackson Riverboat dinner/show; catch a show at the new Grand Ole Opry; stay at Gaylord Opryland Nashville, lots of downtown venues…

What are your thoughts?