New Fisker Alaska Image, Los Angeles Super Lounge, Fisker Ocean Ramp & Deliveries

Catch up on the latest Fisker developments from the past two weeks in Episode 26 of All-Things Fisker.

Join us tonight at 6:00 PM Pacific Time on YouTube for an exciting new episode of All-Things Fisker! In Episode 26, we’ll bring you up to speed on the latest Fisker news from the past two weeks. Expect us to cover a wide range of topics, including Q1 2023 Fisker earnings, the revised 2023 production forecast, production acceleration, updates Fisker Ocean deliveries, the latest developments in Fisker Lounge and Center+ locations, new Fisker PEAR details, Alaska pickup truck image, and much more. We have a fantastic lineup of Fisker enthusiasts on our panel, ready to dive into engaging discussions. It should be fun!

Before the show, we’ve posted a new poll on the YouTube live stream to gather your feedback. The poll question is: “What timeframe do you anticipate being contacted for Fisker Ocean payment/financing before delivery?” Choose from options A) 30 days, B) 14 days, C) 7 days, or D) other. Tune in to the episode to find out the poll’s outcome. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable the “Notify me” button, so you never miss a new video or the start of tonight’s show.

If you’re unable to catch the live broadcast, don’t worry! Episode 26 will be available on our YouTube channel for you to watch at your convenience. We also offer the All-Things Fisker Podcast on your favorite podcast platform. Simply search for “All Things Fisker” to find us. Additionally, we’d like to invite you to explore Fiskerati Premium, as subscribing helps support our site and show. Thank you for your continuous support and for staying connected with us!

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