Henrik Fisker Reveals Details of Fisker’s Clean Future for All

Henrik Fisker sat down for a keynote interview titled ‘A Clean Future for All’ at Future of the Car 2023, discussing Fisker’s business model, Fisker Ocean’s battery capacity, PEAR development, competition, and sustainability, and we have all the details.

Today, we’re sharing all the details from Henrik Fisker’s keynote interview titled ‘A Clean Future for All’, where he sat down with Peter Campbell at Future of the Car 2023. During the nearly 20-minute session last week, Henrik talked about the future of his company, its business model, and its approach to manufacturing. Henrik even revealed the Fisker Ocean’s 113 kWh battery having 107 kWh usable capacity. Below, you’ll find our key takeaways, along with the complete audio recording and transcript of Henrik’s keynote interview.

Apple-Inspired Business Model

At the beginning, Henrik explained that Fisker is using a business model similar to Apple’s, whereby they design and engineer their products, but outsource production to a contract manufacturer. This allows them to focus on quality and ramp up production quickly. However, Fisker added that in the future, they may also consider owning factories in addition to using contract manufacturing.

Fisker Ocean’s Battery Capacity

Fisker Ocean with Night Drive exterior and 22″ Vortex wheels (London, UK).

In the discussion, Henrik shared the advantages of designing an electric vehicle from scratch, as opposed to traditional car makers who are hindered by their heritage. He cited the WLTP rating of the Fisker Ocean, the longest of any electric SUV in its price range. This is due to the fact that Fisker started with a clean slate and made no compromises. It’s also due to Fisker engineers packing in the most energy dense battery pack of 113 kilowatt-hours with an impressive 107 kWh usable capacity.

PEAR Development

Henrik also talked about Fisker’s upcoming model, the PEAR (Personal Automotive Electric Revolution), which Fisker plans to start producing in the first half of 2025. Fisker has partnered with Foxconn to manufacture the PEAR, which he describes as a radical new vehicle that will require new production methods. Fisker aims for a version of the PEAR to be carbon neutral by 2027.

Regarding their approach to vehicle construction, Fisker explained that they have developed an in-house method called steel++, which uses a steel structure to reduce the number of parts required and lower costs. This method enables Fisker to produce vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively.


Henrik also discussed the impressive progress made by Chinese brands in the EV space, noting that they are likely to become the biggest competitors to traditional car makers. He believes that Chinese companies are catching up fast and will soon be producing electric vehicles that can rival those made by established brands. He also acknowledged Tesla as a natural competitor.


Henrik highlighted the importance of sustainability in the EV industry and how his company’s unique selling point is its commitment to sustainability. Henrik stated that Fisker’s focus on sustainability draws many of their customers to the company. Finally, Fisker expressed his optimism about the future of EVs and their potential to revolutionize the automotive industry.

Audio Recording & Transcript

Listen to the full audio recording below or subscribe to Fiskerati Premium to unlock the full transcript of Henrik’s keynote interview with Peter Campbell at FTLive’s Future of the Car 2023 event.

Campbell: We are delighted to have with us Henrik Fisker, who has started an EV company not once, but twice, and has just delivered with his latest venture, the first vehicles to customers last week. Henrik, thank you so much for being with us this afternoon. Tell us about that moment and how difficult it was to get there. 

Henrik Fisker: Well, the moment was great and fast and to get there till very long. It wasn't that easy. But no, it was amazing to deliver the first car. You know, it's such a complicated business and I think most people don't really know what's going on behind the scenes when you spend two and a half years to develop a car with hundreds of suppliers. And of course we did it all during COVID, we didn't make that easier. But to actually hand it over to a customer was, was just amazing. Specifically because we have a quite unique car and we have a lot of our customers who is really reserving this car because of the sustainability aspect. I mean, they like the car, they like the features, but it's interesting to see how engaged they are. And I'm obviously from the car industry, car enthusiast, having worked at Aston Martin and BMW, etc. So it's interesting to see how the customer are changing in the choice of a vehicle. 

Campbell: And just tell, tell us about the production process, your approach to that. Because as you know, there were so many EV startups that listed or SPAC'd in the last two years and as they've actually come to making vehicles, they discovered that it's quite hard. Right? 

Henrik Fisker: It is. I mean I think for those who have followed a little bit, the EV startup industry have seen how difficult it is to get a car into production. We always, there's been a lot of cars shown in the past, but it didn't actually reach production when they did, it's very difficult. So we decided to go a little bit more sort of what Apple is doing. Apple of course designed their products, they develop them, engineer them, they own the IP, they do the user interface, they own the customer experience, but they don't make their actual products. So we are using a bit, that business model...

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