Get Ready for Fisker’s Product Vision Day

Next week, Fisker will host its first-ever Product Vision Day, a live video streaming event, to showcase its strategic product roadmap.

The latest Fisker RŌNIN rendering.
The latest Fisker RŌNIN rendering.

Today, Fisker announced its inaugural “Product Vision Day,” scheduled for August 3rd, 2023, at 4:00 pm Pacific Time. The EV maker will use this event to provide a first look at its future product portfolio. Fisker will unveil its strategic product roadmap and demonstrate its plans to disrupt and innovate in every market segment it enters. The company will make the event accessible to investors through a live video stream, which will be available next week.

The company didn’t release any additional details about the event in today’s release. However, Henrik Fisker did share some insights about the event during Fisker’s 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. He had previously announced that the company would reveal its product lineup. In fact, he said the company plans to showcase the Fisker Ocean and three other innovative electric vehicles, including the Fisker PEAR, RŌNIN, and Alaska.

Henrik Fisker’s Teaser

Last month, Henrik said the company will present the Fisker PEAR, an agile and versatile electric vehicle designed for various purposes such as private mobility, ride-hailing, ride-sharing, and food delivery. Another electric vehicle he mentioned was the Fisker RŌNIN. This is a groundbreaking supercar aimed to potentially hold the world’s longest range and exemplify the future of physical design. Additionally, Henrik said he would introduce Fisker Alaska. This will be a unique and sporty pickup truck. It will be built on a modified Ocean platform, which promises exceptional on-road and off-road performance.

Henrik went on to share that Fisker’s philosophy revolves around equipping these vehicles with at least four leading features or performance specifications within their respective segments. Fisker’s ultimate goal is to achieve an annual production of 1 million vehicles by 2027. Based on what Henrik has previously shared, we are excited to watch the live stream video event!

In Henrik Fisker’s Words…

“We have announced that we are going to have our inaugural investor and analyst event on August 3rd this year, where we’re going to showcase these products. We’re going to showcase the final design of the PEAR. This is a very radical vehicle, which is, I would say, probably the most agile EV design for a real versatile mobility. And what I mean by that is we have designs that can be used for many other things in just private mobility or individual passenger car. We also have designed for ride hailing, ride sharing, food delivery. And when I say that, that means there’s specific elements in the vehicle that is designed for that. And I think that’s a world first quite frankly.

We then also will showcase what we call our technology carrier, the RŌNIN, which is a supercar really. A lot of things that have never been done before will be in that vehicle. And our aim is to get at least potentially the world’s longest range. That’s where we are really developing for that vehicle. So we’ll be showcasing that. But most of all, it will probably sort of showcase how the future of physical design will look in the years to come.

And then finally, we will show a vehicle we call Alaska. That’s the project name Alaska. And that’s really our take on a very unique super sporty pickup truck. I think that’s a real hot market. And I think we want to participate in that. We have designed this vehicle to sit on a modified Ocean platform, which allows us to bring this vehicle fairly quickly to market. It’s going to, I think, handle amazingly for a pickup truck, both on-road and off-road. So very excited to show that vehicle that will definitely be radically different than anything else we have seen in the market so far.

And as this part of our philosophy, these vehicles will all have at least four features or performance specifications that would lead in their segment or even features that don’t even exist. So I’m personally super excited about showing the vision in the future of Fisker on August 3rd this year. And of course, all this will bring us with some additional vehicles later after 2026. All these vehicles, by the way, are planned before 2026, but we will add a few more. And by — in 2027, our goal is still a target of 1 million vehicles a year.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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3 thoughts on “Get Ready for Fisker’s Product Vision Day

  1. Sean. Henrik Fisker is a gifted vehicle designer. I can’t draw a decent stick figure. But still, I have thoughts…the pickup truck is a very, very American concept. The name ‘Alaska’ creates an emotional connection to one of the last, great, rugged, untamed, natural wonders of this country. I’m afraid that “the Ferrari of pickups” might miss the rugged, American target. I hope Henrik and Fisker design more for the image of ALASKA, and little less for the image of Italian sports car. 2 cents. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for sharing Tim. Couldn’t agree more about “Alaska” being one of the last, great, rugged, untamed, natural wonders of this country — the last frontier.

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