Fisker’s Ambitious Plans for Global Experience Centers

Embark on an electrifying journey at Fisker Center+ Stockholm and get a sneak peek into the thrilling future of Fisker’s global experience centers.

Grand opening of Fisker Center+ Stockholm.
Grand opening of Fisker Center+ Stockholm.

Today, Fisker has opened yet another experience center in Europe. Fisker Center+ Stockholm is now officially serving customers in Sweden. Anyone visiting the new location, whether a new or existing customer, will encounter a variety of Fisker Oceans on-site. Explore Fisker’s flagship electric SUV and engage with knowledgeable Fisker Advisors who are ready to address all your questions. Additionally, test drives are available at the Fisker Center+ Stockholm by appointment.

This Center+ is not just a showroom; it’s also a hub for delivering and servicing Fisker electric vehicles. Located on the outskirts of Stockholm in a business park known for car dealers, service shops, and logistics centers, the new Fisker experience center in Sweden can be found at Mätarvägen 23, 196 37 Kungsängen (map). Store operating hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Saturday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and closed on Sunday.

New Fisker Experience Centers Coming Soon

Customers getting assisted at Fisker Center+ Vienna.
Customers getting assisted at Fisker Center+ Vienna.

Fisker recently shared its ambitious plans to meet the growing demand for the Fisker Ocean and improve the customer experience. This comes as the company is rapidly expanding its footprint beyond the recent opening of its ninth experience center in Stockholm. Currently progressing on the Fisker Center+ Frankfurt, the tenth center in Europe, Fisker has ambitious plans to establish numerous experience centers across Europe and the United States. Now we’ve learned about a dozen new Fisker experience centers coming online in the near future.

The company has identified additional retail locations throughout Europe, including Berlin and Hamburg in Germany, Bergen in Norway, Milton Keynes in the UK, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Zurich in Switzerland, Marseille, and Lyon in France. Crossing the Atlantic to the United States, Fisker openly shared its intention to open experience centers in Arizona, Maryland, Tennessee, and New York. However, we’ve now identified specific cities for each of these states.

As of today, Fisker is actively recruiting store managers for various markets, including Tempe, AZ, Long Island City, NY, Brentwood, TN, and Owings Mills, MD. Here’s a surprise for our friends in SoCal—Fisker is also on the lookout for a store manager to lead Fisker Center+ San Diego. With these upcoming openings, Fisker will soon boast two dozen experience centers globally. This is great for existing customers and especially to grow the brand even further. Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming Fisker store locations!

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  1. The Owings Mills store is at least reasonable for me. If they’re not going to put one anywhere in Virginia, the DC-Baltimore area makes perfect sense. If it opens before next year’s baseball season ends, it would make a great addition to a trip for an Orioles game.

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