Fisker’s Acceleration: $150 Million Boost, Rapid Deliveries, Virtual Orientations, and Thriving Owner Meetups

Fisker’s innovation shines through accelerated deliveries, immersive virtual events—from purchase webinars to new owner orientations—and vibrant community meetups, elevating the SUV journey.

Fisker Ocean One #2046 arrived yesterday afternoon in Las Vegas, NV.
Fisker Ocean One #2046 arrived yesterday afternoon in Las Vegas, NV.

Fisker continues to ramp up its growth without hitting the brakes. The company recently secured an additional $150 million in growth capital, empowering Fisker to expedite deliveries, expand its growth, and accelerate the company’s vehicle programs. Fisker employees are laser-focused on deliveries, and new reports are pouring in from across the United States and Europe, with customers eagerly receiving their Fisker Ocean electric SUVs. For instance, yesterday afternoon, a thrilled customer shared a photo with us of their ‘just delivered’ Fisker Ocean in front of Treasure Island in Las Vegas. And a recent delivery event in Corte Madera, just outside San Francisco, brought smiles to the faces of long-awaiting customers.

Elevating Customer Support, Innovating to Improve Customer Experience

Fisker recognizes the importance of bolstering its customer support and revamping outdated procedures. Henrik Fisker recently revealed that the company has hired more Radgivers to expand its customer service efforts. The influx of new support staff is eagerly anticipated by customers awaiting responses to their emails.

Fisker is also changing the game with its innovative pickup events. Taking a cue from successful test drive events, the company is hosting Fisker Ocean pickup events in parking lots. This not only adds a touch of excitement to the delivery process but also brings the community together. It’s an idea that works, as seen over the weekend in Corte Madera, CA.

Virtual Orientation for New Owners

Fisker Ocean on display in Chicago during recent test drive event in Oak Brook, IL.
Fisker Ocean on display in Chicago during recent test drive event in Oak Brook, IL.

Furthermore, Fisker recognizing the importance of a smooth transition for new owners, the company has productized its virtual orientation. Henrik Fisker made mention of these onboarding events last week after the research note came out from Bank of America. A new ‘Webinars’ section within Fisker accounts offers valuable insights and guidance for soon-to-be and existing Fisker owner. The “Purchase Journey Webinar” is recommended for those in the process of purchasing, while the “New Owner Virtual Orientation” caters to those who have completed their purchase. It’s a thoughtful step to ensure customers feel confident and informed. We’re attending the one at noon today and will let you know how it goes!

Building the Fisker Owner Community

Fisker is not just delivering cars; it’s building a community. Meetups held over the weekend in Europe showcased the company’s commitment to fostering connections among Fisker owners. From Munich to Frankfurt and Copenhagen, Fisker owners came together at local cars and coffee events. Closer to home, a Fisker Ocean meetup at the South OC Cars & Coffee event brought 15 Fisker owners and enthusiasts together, creating a vibrant and growing community.

We had the pleasure of organizing the meetup at the South OC Cars & Coffee event this weekend. The outdoor parking lot was abuzz with excitement as Fisker owners showcased their Ocean electric SUVs. The camaraderie among owners, both current and future, was nice. It’s events like these that add a personal touch to the Fisker ownership experience.

In summary, Fisker is not just delivering cars; it’s delivering an experience. From test drive events and virtual orientations to community meetups, the company is shaping a journey that goes beyond the road. As Fisker continues to gather speed, we can’t wait to see what exciting developments lie on the horizon. Buckle up, Fisker customers and enthusiasts—it’s going to be a thrilling ride!

Fisker Ocean Owner Meetups

Join fellow Fisker Ocean owners and enthusiasts at local meetups next month!

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  1. I wouldn’t claim rapid deliveries. My Ocean One has been sitting in US Port for over 14 days. Was given a Oct 2nd delivery date, then Oct 7th and now pushed to Oct 17.

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