Fisker Stock Rises Over 10%, Seattle Test Drive Event Now Open

Fisker stock experiences its best single-day increase since April of this year while the company hosts a test drive event in the Emerald City.

Fisker Ocean in front of Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market.
Fisker Ocean in front of Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market.

Today, Fisker stock closed the day at $4.77 per share, marking a gain of $0.44 (+10.16%), mirroring the upward trend in the entire electric vehicle sector. This surge occurred on trading volume that was one and a half times the daily average. It represents the most significant movement in Fisker shares since April 28th, 2023, when the stock experienced a remarkable 18% surge.

The upward momentum lifted Fisker shares from their all-time low of $4.19 from earlier in the week. The electric vehicle sector experienced a dynamic day, seeing gains across various companies. Rivian shares rose by 9.05%, Lucid saw a 12.10% increase, and Polestar registered a 7.39% gain. Notably, even electric vehicle charging companies showed positive movement, with ChargePoint shares surging by 15.14% and EVgo rising by 10.85%. Both of these charging stocks have been under a lot of pressure as of late due to the adoption of NACS.

This comes as all major stock market indices surged higher, with the S&P 500 up 1.89% on the day and the Russell 2000 outperforming all with a one-day pop of 2.67%.

Now Open: Seattle Fisker Ocean Test Drive Event

If you’re in the Seattle area, we’ve got news for you! The Fisker Ocean test drive event is currently underway in the Seattle metro area. Several Fisker Oceans, including one with Big Sur Blue and Blue Planet, are available on-site. Fisker, having arrived in the Emerald City earlier this week, captured iconic photos of the Fisker Ocean at the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. The Fisker Ocean was last photographed in Seattle about one year ago during the first pop-up event. However, the test drive event is located about a 25-minute drive north of the city, specifically at Alderwood Mall in Lynwood, WA (Map). Fisker will be present until Saturday, November 4th, with doors open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This time around, Fisker is welcoming walk-ins for test drives. Enjoy the experience!

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Stock Rises Over 10%, Seattle Test Drive Event Now Open

  1. I hope the short sellers got their arsh handed to them today.
    Hoping for another pop Friday which seems to be the charts trend.

  2. Daniel. After the most recent collapse, to a new all-time low, it’s honestly not an especially powerful move. It’s 10%, but on such low, low base. Something far more excellent and exciting is required to drive the shorts to finally make a stampede to the exit.

    Enjoy the ride! 🌊

  3. Has Fisker completed delivery of the 5000 Ocean One models, and are now working through the Extreme orders?

    Oregon is #2 in EV adoption rate, behind #1 California. When will we see a test drive event in the Portland metropolitan area?

What are your thoughts?