Fisker Product Vision Day 2023: Unveiling the Future of Electric Mobility

Fisker showcases vision for sustainable all-electric vehicle lineup through 2026 including Ronin, PEAR, Alaska, and Fisker Ocean with Force E off-road package.

Today, we attended Fisker’s Product Vision Day and are excited to share our experience with you. It was an incredible day! We met some Fisker team members and, of course, witnessed some new electric vehicles. In fact, we saw the Fisker RŌNIN, Fisker PEAR, and Fisker Alaska, and Fisker Force E up close in-person. In the YouTube video above, we will take you on our journey, starting from preparing to leave in our Fisker Ocean from San Diego, and showing you everything we saw during the event. At the end, we even had a quick chat with Henrik Fisker that will surely give you some laughs! We hope you enjoy the new photos and details about each electric vehicle, along with the video we captured during the event!

Arriving to Fisker’s Product Vision Day 2023

In our Fisker Ocean One, we drove to Fisker Product Vision Day and parked right in front of the building. Surprisingly, nobody had taken this premium spot! After parking, we checked out all the Fisker Ocean’s on-site, as shown in the video above. Then, we went inside, obtained our wristband, and had the chance to meet a few Fisker employees before making our way to our seat. We took a bunch of photos along the way and learned a lot of new details about each electric vehicle and posted them below. We hope they are helpful to you!

Fisker RŌNIN

Fisker Ronin, the world’s first all-electric four-door convertible GT sports car. It boasts a true five-seat configuration with a carbon fiber hard-top convertible. It has four butterfly doors, a high-tech luxury interior, and a uniquely futuristic exterior design. The Ronin achieves its targeted 600-plus mile range through an integrated battery pack. Fisker projects that the triple motor all-wheel drive powertrain will deliver a massive 1,000-plus horsepower, propelling the electric supercar from 0 to 60 MPH in approximately 2.0 seconds. Perfect for the upcoming James Bond movie! Starting price on this super car is now $385,000 before any incentives. We talk to Henrik Fisker about this vehicle at the end of the video above! Fisker is now taking reservations for this vehicle.

Fisker Force E

Force E, the dynamic and durable off-road package for the Fisker Ocean SUV, maximizes the outstanding torque, power, and best-in-class range of the Fisker Ocean for sustainable off-roading adventure. Fisker Ocean will offer the Force E package for all-wheel drive Ultra and Extreme trims, both during vehicle purchase and as a post-purchase add-on package. The package includes 33” tires on 20” wheels, higher ground clearance, specialized dampers, roof basket, front and rear skid plates, and an underbody plate for greater durability. Fisker plans to make the Force E package available in Q1 2024, and they will announce the pricing at that time.

Fisker PEAR

Fisker’s vision of a sustainable EV as a connected mobility device is the Fisker PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). It is a category-breaking lifestyle vehicle, built on Fisker’s SLV-1 platform and utilizing their Steel++ development process. This results in 35% fewer parts than other EVs in class. PEAR features a highly connected and revolutionary electrical engineering architecture, and it introduces the first implementation of the Fisker Blade central computing platform.

Simplifying cargo loading in city parking are its unique Houdini Trunk (hideaway liftgate) and a front storage compartment called the Froot (“front boot”). The vehicle’s compact body length delivers sporty handling while providing ample space for a spacious and modular interior, accommodating seating for up to six. Its futuristic design boasts an ultra-wide wraparound windscreen, sculptural exterior design, and slim LED lighting.

The Fisker PEAR is to become the future of clean and affordable mobility for a global mass market. PEAR offers four trim levels, with prices starting at $29,900, and it is scheduled to become available in mid-2025. When you factor in the $7,500 government tax incentives, the PEAR could be as low as $22,400. We reserved this electric vehicle back in 2022 and love it more now that we’ve seen it in person.

Fisker Alaska

Fisker’s versatile, advanced, and powerful all-electric four-door pickup truck is the Fisker Alaska. It builds on an extended adaptation of Fisker Ocean’s platform called the FT31. This makes Alaska both a sporty everyday ride and a highly flexible utility pickup. The truck is designed to offer multiple cargo configurations. For example, it includes a cargo bed that extends from 4.5 feet to 7.5 feet to 9.2 feet. Additionally, it features a Houdini bed divider that connects the cargo bed and rear cabin while remaining hidden away.

Fisker Alaska aims to be the world’s lightest EV pickup truck and the world’s most sustainable truck. It shares the Fisker Ocean’s modern design DNA and fast, road-holding EV performance, projecting a range of 230-340 miles. The expected deliveries for Fisker Alaska are in 2025, with a starting price of $45,400 before incentives. We reserved the Fisker Alaska while at the event just as reservations opened for the electric pickup truck.

Listen to Fisker’s Q2 2023 Earnings Call

If you are free tomorrow morning, please join us as we listen to Fisker’s Q2 2023 earnings call. We will discuss it afterwards and share our key takeaways. It promises to be an exciting call!

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11 thoughts on “Fisker Product Vision Day 2023: Unveiling the Future of Electric Mobility

  1. Looks amazing Sean. I really like the direction of the company, especially the Pear and Alaska. It’s a long shot, but I wonder if there are any plans to enable the upgrade of Ocean’s to the new Fiskerblade platform in the future? Then again, you can spend your life waiting for the future.

  2. Totally bummed the ronin is not under 200k as initially promised!! One of the first times fisker has let me down 😢

    1. Same, shocked the price went up so high! Nevertheless, reserved the RŌNIN this morning. Can’t afford it, but maybe my financial situation in 2025 will be different than it is today. Dreaming big!!

  3. I think the Pear is a fabulous looking car, and if they can get it out on time, within budget, it will be a winner for them, hopefully building on the success of the ocean, both underpinning the company.
    I really like the front of the Alaska, not too sure of the blend into the tailgate, looks awkward to my eye. Could have been done for better aerodynamics, but folks buy on looks, and I think that market is rather traditional, so maybe conservative styling would be the way to go.
    Like my thoughts I bathe Alaska, really like it from the b pillar forward, really tight styling. From the b pillar back, going on the pictures, I think it is hideous unfortunately, just looks like it’s trying too hard to be different.
    All of the above are going on the pictures, see it in person is a hugely different look and feel.
    Just my thoughts and reactions to seeing the photos

  4. Hi Sean. Hope you didn’t take my comment as a pop at Fisker. I really hope they do well, I am cheering them on to as much success as possible, both for them, us and the planet.
    Realised the last half of my post was mangled somewhat, it was the Ronin back that I really don’t like. Front half beautiful, work of art, the back from the b pillar, not to my taste, but then again, I don’t have the budget for it, so it’s immaterial.
    I actually have concerns on Fisker using resources on the ronin, when they could possibly be utilised on the other their vehicles. At $300,000 each, for a run of a 1,000, that is a lot of effort for $300 million when the more mainstream vehicles are the bread and butter. I do get the argument for a halo car, and we can all dream too.

What are your thoughts?