New Fisker PEAR Photo and Details

Fisker PEAR EV

Fisker shared a new photo and details of the PEAR electric vehicle, which will hit streets in 2024 priced at $29,900 before tax incentives.

Today, Henrik Fisker shared a new photo and details of the PEAR electric vehicle with us. He widely shared the info with PEAR reservation holders across social media this morning. The price of the PEAR electric vehicle will be $29,900 before government tax incentives. The price will remain the same throughout 2024 when the vehicle is expected to hits the streets. We believe the Fisker PEAR will be a mass market EV due to its function and price.

According to Fisker, his team is currently working full speed on redefining how to make an inexpensive car. It will be radically new and different. They are reducing parts to make the EV simpler. And, adding technology and unique features to replace tradition. Henrik expects to show a PEAR prototype earlier than he originally stated. We should see something well before the end of the year then.

Since the Fisker PEAR it’s an “urban” mobility device, it will probably get a range comparable with the Ocean Sport trim. We see the Fisker PEAR getting about 250 miles in range, maybe a bit lower. This is the most likely case, seeing the PEAR EV is priced below the least expensive Fisker Ocean. And like the Fisker Ocean, the PEAR EV will offer various trims and possibly different battery range options.

Fisker PEAR Photos

Here the latest photos of the Fisker PEAR electric vehicle over the past year. We will update this Fisker PEAR gallery from time to time to keep it fresh and current.

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5 thoughts on “New Fisker PEAR Photo and Details

  1. What’s the circle below the license plate? Doesn’t look like a logo. Low down camera?

    Also the previous metallic blue teaser seemed to have a digital light up grille which this doesn’t

    1. I initially thought that the PEAR would ne a 2 door hatchback also. But for the purposes of utility, efficiency and likelihood of the widest appeal, I now suspect that the PEAR is much more likely to be a 4 door hatchback…

  2. What are the details of the Pear equipment e.g. navigation, miles per charge, wheel size, etc. Does it come in front wheel drive only?
    Can you switch your reservation from an Ocean to a Pear?

What are your thoughts?