Henrik Fisker Shares Breakthrough in Electric Vehicle Design

Henrik Fisker just revealed an image of the Fisker PEAR without any hidden parts, unveiling previously confidential vehicle design.

Fisker PEAR image covered up to conceal confidential design features.
Fisker PEAR image covered up to conceal confidential design features.

Today, we take a look at a new image shared by Henrik Fisker. He posted an image of the Fisker PEAR revealing the design elements of the agile city electric vehicle. Henrik Fisker shared a bare bones Fisker PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). Fisker’s commitment to innovation and sustainability shines through as the company takes a bold step towards revolutionizing personal electric vehicles. What sets the Fisker PEAR apart is its remarkable simplicity. This car boasting an impressive 35% reduction in parts compared to other electric vehicles in its class. This is really important to make an affordable mass market electric vehicle.

A Closer Look at the Fisker PEAR Images

Henrik Fisker’s recent image release is no random image. It’s a deliberate continuation of a narrative that began in November 2022. The earlier image, however, was a bit of a mystery. It had a handful of vital design elements concealed beneath a digital airbrush’s yellow strokes, marked “Confidential.” This intriguing image offered a side profile view of the urban lifestyle vehicle, hinting at the distinctive body design, door configuration, and a fresh wheel concept. Henrik Fisker playfully shared, “Insane simplification… I got a little excited, so I had to remove a few things for competitive reasons!”

Unlocking the Design Secrets

Fisker PEAR image revealing confidential design features.
Fisker PEAR image revealing confidential design features.

Fast forward to the present, and the missing pieces of the puzzle have finally fallen into place. Henrik Fisker’s strategic choice to disclose certain design aspects initially left enthusiasts curious. However, it’s now evident that he was meticulously concealing game-changing features. One of the standout revelations is the introduction of the hideaway liftgate mechanism that seamlessly blends form and function. This innovative design adds a touch of magic to the Fisker PEAR’s utility, referred to as the Houdini Trunk, transforming the trunk area into a marvel of engineering ingenuity.

Another concealed gem within the Fisker PEAR is the “Froot.” This cleverly named front storage compartment – or “front boot” – which not only enhances practicality but also exemplifies Fisker’s tendency for creative naming. This front storage solution amplifies the vehicle’s versatility, catering to everyday storage needs with style and convenience.

The latest image also provides a glimpse into the vehicle’s interior design. The Fisker design team’s commitment to simplicity and efficiency is unmistakable. The image reveals an innovative dashboard area and room for spacious and modular interior. This thoughtfully streamlined cabin layout maximizes space and user-friendly design that will allow seating for up to six people.

Beyond the interior, the Fisker PEAR’s rear window design, that was previously covered up, adds an intriguing visual element to the vehicle’s profile. It complements its overall aesthetic and promotes enhanced visibility for drivers.

Affordability Meets Innovation

Perhaps the most captivating aspect of the Fisker PEAR is its groundbreaking affordability. Fisker’s ingenious strategy to reduce the vehicle’s part count by an impressive 35% plays a pivotal role in achieving the astonishing starting price of $29,900, even before factoring in potential incentives. For instance, this achievement marks a pivotal moment in the electric vehicle landscape. Fisker makes a bold statement about democratizing sustainable mobility. With the Fisker PEAR, an attractive and eco-conscious electric vehicle is poised to become accessible to a wider range of consumers, paving the way for a greener automotive future.

The Future of Urban Mobility

Henrik Fisker’s recent reveal of the Fisker PEAR presents a captivating chapter in the story of electric vehicle innovation, which many people might not currently recognize or appreciate. The sleek and innovative design of the Fisker PEAR, combined with its trailblazing affordability, establishes it as a significant indicator of change in the realm of future mobility. As Fisker leads the charge for a Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, we are eagerly anticipating the company’s announcement regarding the finalization of its manufacturing agreement for this electric vehicle.

We got to see the Fisker PEAR prototype last week and it is pretty incredible in-person. We are pleased to have reserved this vehicle last year. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker Shares Breakthrough in Electric Vehicle Design

    1. Don’t forget this is a prototype and the seats are probably made from sustainable materials. Originally, it was going to be a 5-seater, but Fisker opted for a bench seat up front to accommodate 6 passengers and maybe reduce parts and cost. We’ll have to wait and see if there are any changes before the vehicle goes into production.

  1. I’m super worried about the houdini rear–if the car gets hit with any kind of force, I hope the cavity that the rear hatch slides into it well protected. If not, it will significantly add to any repair bill–not good. Also, just the complexity of the sliding system just doesn’t seem worth it. I’d rather have a split fold down tailgate/ fold up window glass (see 1993 Honda Civic hatch).

  2. I am not crazy about the following:
    1) The wheels featured in the confidential photo look so much nicer than than those featured on Vision Day.
    2) Suede should cover the interior portion of the A pillar rather than just plastic.
    3) A thicker rear bumper design would look more attractive than the “hanging rug” design featured on the concept.

    1. Great feedback! Agree with you Evan on the wheels. They look way better in the “confidential” image. Like the Fisker Ocean, my guess is Fisker will offer many wheel options to choose from.

  3. Nothing to complain about with the seating, to my eye. Something like “Rich (pronounced reach) Corinthian Leather” is for a bygone era. These vehicles are for living & doing & making life happen. I’m 60. The future is going to be different. And maybe, just maybe Fisker will help make it…better. I hope so.

  4. Sean what color are you thinking of for your future PEAR? Did you also happen to sit in it? The green color shown in sneak peek photos seems to be unique to the PEAR. I think I would consider it, but I would need to see what the swatches look like.

    1. Hey Evan, Fisker didn’t get anyone sit in the vehicle, but I got a peek inside when the door was open. Very clean and clutter free looking. I’m not sure on the exterior color. I’m guessing they go with the same colors as the Fisker Ocean. If that is the case, I’ll see how I like taking care of Night Drive over the next year. If I like that, I may get the same color or I’ll go with Great White.

  5. $5000 more and you’re into a Volvo EX30. The Houdini trunk is a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. It will also be very expensive to fix if you get rear ended. And the amount of dirt and gunk that can get stuck in the trunk cavity is just inviting problems over time.

  6. James, it is hard to say if the Houdini trunk will be a liability or not at the moment. It really depends on how it is engineered and designed. I think a better rear bumper designed as I mentioned earlier will address venerability issues. The Alaska with a very similar system has a metal bed acting as a barrier of protection.

  7. Fisker has everything he needs for the Pear except for the money, manufacturer, battery cell supplier, other parts suppliers….

  8. I wouldn’t mind if the back of the front center seat folded down into a console like the 3rd Gen Rams. Best of both worlds. That always bothers me about newer trucks, you spend $80,000+ and can only fit 5 people because of this huge cockpit like center console!

What are your thoughts?