Fisker PEAR and Alaska Take Center Stage During LA Auto Show at Fisker Lounge

Beginning this weekend, and running through November 26th, Fisker will showcase the production-intent Fisker PEAR and prototype Fisker Alaska pickup truck at Flagship Grove Lounge in Los Angeles.

Side profile of the all-electric Fisker PEAR, a category-breaking urban lifestyle vehicle.
Side profile of the all-electric Fisker PEAR, a category-breaking urban lifestyle vehicle.

Today, Fisker announced that the public can view the PEAR and Alaska at The Grove in Los Angeles from November 18th through 26th. This coincides with the start of the Los Angeles Auto Show in the City of Angels. Notably, it won’t be any ordinary version of the Fisker PEAR; it will be the production-intent version. Fisker plans to unveil a new see-through A-pillar feature. They will also reveal a new cockpit compute system in the category-breaking urban lifestyle vehicle, which is an integral part of the Fisker Blade computer.

Fisker unveiled the groundbreaking and affordable all-electric crossover, the Fisker PEAR, during its Product Vision Day earlier this year. Priced at $29,900 before incentives, the lineup will also include a high-performance variant, the Fisker PEAR Extreme. One standout feature of the PEAR, discussed earlier, is its unique Houdini trunk. This trunk moves down behind the rear bumper beam, providing protection in the event of a rear collision. Fisker’s commitment to safety and practicality is exemplified through this innovative solution.

Now, Fisker will be showing off a new see-through A-pillar design feature on PEAR. This will be the first time the vehicle is on display showing off this feature. This new feature is intended to improve driver awareness and pedestrian safety, especially when the PEAR is making a left-hand turn. Fisker says a surround-view camera captures areas that the A-pillar might obscure. Then, it feeds a live image to an interior display. We look forward to seeing how the company will be implementing this new feature.

The Performance Fisker Blade Computer

Furthermore, Fisker will implement the company’s Blade Computer in PEAR, marking it as the first Fisker vehicle to do so. Fisker asserts that this in-house-designed high-performance computer. It will provide a completely new connected and digital customer experience for the era of software-defined vehicles.

The Fisker Blade, designed to be fast, energy-efficient, safe, and cyber-secure, is packaged in a slim, modular, and fully upgradable unit. Delivering up to 6.2 TFLOPs and up to 25% more performance per watt used. Apparently, the Fisker Blade utilizes an asymmetric processing architecture for increased power efficiencies.

According to Fisker, the Fisker PEAR will feature a multi-gigabit internal Ethernet network connecting the rest of the vehicle systems to Fisker Blade for high-speed networking and diagnostics. The 5G/Wi-Fi6 wireless network transforms PEAR into a cloud-connected mini data center. Fisker is actively designing and developing both the vehicle system software and data pipeline for highly efficient cloud and in-car analytics.

“Now that we have launched the Ocean SUV in the US and Europe, we are excited to look forward to our next two vehicles, both of which we expect to redefine their respective segments. With our flagship Fisker Lounge now open at The Grove in Los Angeles, we also have the perfect opportunity to enable customers to get their first look at PEAR and Alaska and learn more about the Fisker brand.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

Check out the newest professional photos showcasing the Fisker PEAR.

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13 thoughts on “Fisker PEAR and Alaska Take Center Stage During LA Auto Show at Fisker Lounge

  1. Well, the “comeback” clearly hasn’t begun since the November 14th article was written. Maybe this weekend is when it starts? The clock is ticking.

  2. A transparent A pillar sounds really interesting. I know that Volvo attempted to implement something very similar when they were designing the C30 some 15 years ago.

  3. Pear and Alaska are great concepts that will never see the light of day, especially under the Fisker name, maybe if someone else buys them out, which will only put money in HF’s pocket but do nothing for the small investors that were misled.

  4. Mark Thiele… Total nonsense..!!!!!! Yes, Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker’s first attempt didn’t work as planned. However, the current company, Fisker Inc., is on much more solid financial grounds….

  5. I don’t often have time for a legitimate sit-down lunch. But, I thought I’d sit down and see where things are since early this morning. And the feeding frenzy in the waters of the Ocean is tearing the early and long-term investors to shreds. There is blood in the water. And so much of it.

    You know, from what I can tell, many of the early investors are dual stakeholders, as many not only invested their money in Fisker, but they also purchased or put in a reservation for a future Fisker automobile. These early stakeholders are doubly interested in the long-term financial success of Fisker, Inc. That’s what makes this situation doubly painful. Team Fisker has to understand the urgency here. This is life or death.

    There is a community who wants to see and help Fisker succeed. I wonder if there is a unique and special way for Fisker Inc. to tap into this community of stakeholders to lift this company back up? I’m sure there are plenty of investors, Ocean owners, and reservation-holders who would volunteer to assist at pop-up events, new/future customer orientations, and maybe even help with deliveries, etc. Major, positive change is required. Something serious and special is in order. This morning’s news of 107 deliveries did nothing to instill confidence in the marketplace.


  6. Will those that will attend the LA Auto Show know of the Lake Grove location? It might have been a good idea to first show it in the convention center and then off site at Fisker.

  7. Question is can Fisker repeat that delivery day after day or it was a one time shot. Let’s hope they can deliver daily on that promise. Then we have something to look forward to in the near future. Cheers!

  8. Love the Alaska but disappointed no information regarding the vehicle was displayed on Fiskerati for the Los Angeles Motor show. Why not?

  9. I think it is a beautiful car and can’t wait to actually sit in the Pear and then put in my reservation. Nancy Stone

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