First Look: Production-Intent Fisker PEAR

We took a look at the production-intent Fisker PEAR at the Flagship Grove Lounge last night in Los Angeles.

Today, we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the production-intent Fisker PEAR. You can currently check out this vehicle at The Grove in Los Angeles, alongside the Fisker Alaska, from November 18th through 26th. Last night, during a media event at the flagship Fisker Lounge, Fisker revealed the interior of what seemed to be a Fisker PEAR Extreme with a Sun Soaked exterior color in a matte finish. This electric vehicle is very innovative both inside and out, and we’ve captured the highlights on video.

Fisker PEAR’s Striking Features and Sustainable Design

Production-intent Fisker PEAR.
Production-intent Fisker PEAR.

The highlight was the new see-through A-pillar feature. The unique approach involved making the A-pillar disappear, much like to the Houdini trunk, achieved by using two small LCDs mounted on the interior that streamed live video feeds from two exterior cameras presumably powered by the Fisker Blade computer. And let us tell you, the interior is decked out to the nines, making the Fisker PEAR a true showstopper!

If you tuned in to Fisker’s Product Vision Day, you witnessed the public debut of the Fisker PEAR. During that event, Fisker primarily highlighted the vehicle’s exterior design. However, the recent reveal shifted the focus to a remarkable interior transformation of Fisker’s category-breaking urban lifestyle vehicle. The showcased vehicle last night featured two front seats, with optional bench seating, and reclining rear seats.

Every aspect of the interior was meticulously designed, mirroring the sustainability ethos seen in the Fisker Ocean, utilizing eco-friendly materials. Fisker took a minimalist approach, eliminating as many movable parts as possible from the entire vehicle, visually represented by the dashboard to the center console, all while maintaining functionality.

It’s Magical: Houdini Trunk and Starting Price

One notable aspect of the PEAR, as mentioned earlier, is its distinctive Houdini trunk. This trunk cleverly descends behind the rear bumper beam, offering protection in case of a rear collision. We’ve finally captured our own footage of the Houdini trunk in action, controlled effortlessly using the vehicle’s key fob. There is something magical about this vehicle.

With a starting price of $29,900 before incentives, the Fisker PEAR lineup will feature a high-performance variant—the Fisker PEAR Extreme which was on display last night. If you happen to be in the Southern California area, a visit to The Grove is definitely worth it during the next week, before it magically disappears!

Henrik Fisker Introduces the Fisker PEAR and Alaska

Henrik took the stage to share some words and introduce the Fisker PEAR and Alaska that were on-site for a close-up look.

Check out the latest photos showcasing the production-intent Fisker PEAR. Featured at the event was Panasonic’s ELS Studio 3D.

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15 thoughts on “First Look: Production-Intent Fisker PEAR

  1. I’m very impressed given the vast improvements on this model.
    It seems to be a top trim model by the looks of things, I could be wrong.
    I hope the have one on display when they open the Experience plus location in Long Island, nY.

  2. I’ve read about the “missing A pillar” about a 1/2 dozen times now. Yet, no one mentions what this thing is. Am I the only one on the planet whose father never gave him the A pillar conversation?

  3. Pillars go from the roof to the body. A-Pillars straddle the windshield…the ones that block your view. I can’t see them missing on the PEAR though…and 15 seconds to close the tailgate. That is about 15x slower than a manual…

  4. Sean. Any sense of the attendance? Given the barrage of negative news surrounding Fisker, Inc that’s been splashed all over the Internet in recent weeks, I’m curious if real people/customers are still sincerely interested in their offerings. This may sound harsh. But, the little we can hear/see of people in your clips…well, hopefully these folks aren’t Hollywood actors or friends of the Fisker family.

    Finally, in light of the barrage of negative news, did Henrik have anything to say that establishes (or reestablishes) confidence and trust in Fisker Inc as a going concern? “Intent” is a tricky word right now.


  5. @Craig the A pillar is simply the structural area of the car that typically supports the windshield area. In this case Fisker has placed a tiny camera on each side of the car to provide you with a view of what that structural area may be blocking.

    @Tim I think last night’s event was exclusive to those who are supporter’s(stakeholders) of the brand, such as Sean. The days to follow are for the public hence Fisker mentioning that the cars will be roped off. In my opinion both they should be shown at the convention center but maybe that’s planned for 2024 prior to launch.

  6. How likely is it that Fisker delivers the Pear before 2025? Their website says they won’t begin delivery until 2025, but I wonder if they’re purposefully being lenient.

  7. NC. By now you must have seen enough to recognize that Team Fisker does not have a track record of delivering results sooner than stated. In fact, repeatedly pushing dates further out has been the case thus far. The PEAR is likely my/our most likely purchase, as it will be serving only my wife and I. I’m older. We have no children and don’t need the size of the Ocean or the hauling capabilities of an Alaska pickup. But middle of 2025 is still nearly 2 years out. Fisker Inc has serious work to do right now.

    This community wants this company to succeed and give us wonderful and meaningful alternatives to the status quo leader of EV automobiles.

    But for that to happen, Fisker Inc needs to be a successful and profitable company. Unfortunately, they have created a lot of troubling news lately about their abilities to be that. Let’s hope the journey is about to get much smoother.


  8. A pillar concept needs work but cool idea. CAO prob realized he didn’t have expertise to complete 10Q and left them flat footed. Barely completed previous ones on time. Fisker’s biz model could actually work which is prob why the forces that be are trying to cripple them before they can get started.

  9. The tailgate is cool, but it does take an age to open/close. There should be an option for a traditional tailgate, even a split one, for those that don’t need the wizardry of this current one.

  10. Pear reservation holder here–egad–those screens in front of the a pillars look horrific, and the a pillars are enormous, even bigger that the huge view-blocking pillars on my honda fit. No thank you. Screens to see “thru” wide pillars doesn’t look workable.

  11. Trailblazer. I have similar beliefs that there are powerful forces — legacy ICE and EV auto companies and their shareowners — who desire to see Fisker Inc fail. Simultaneously, Geeta is the Chief FINANCIAL Officer. She can’t add fuel to the fire of the forces of failure by being unprepared to complete the 10Q filing. And now another accounting officer is leaving, according to the WSJ? What is going on? She is also the Chief OPERATING Officer. Many operational/logistics/customer engagement issues have been revealed recently (even right here on Fiskerati). Henrik has to prove that he can actually build and sustain the company he starts.

    Team Fisker cannot allow any more of these self-inflicted wounds — ones that not only cripple, but can also kill the reputation, and the company itself.

    I hope Sean delves into what’s behind this ongoing accounting story.


What are your thoughts?