First Fisker PEAR Sighting

The very first Fisker PEAR prototype covered in green camouflage was spotted driving around Los Angeles this weekend and we have the video.

Today, we give you the very first glimpse of the Fisker PEAR prototype spotted in the wild. The prototype of Fisker’s second electric vehicle model was seen over the weekend driving around Los Angeles and it looks incredible!

Fisker PEAR sighting in Los Angeles on the Sixth Street Viaduct on Sunday December 4th.

You can see the Fisker PEAR rolling down the road in the 9 second video clip filmed on the newly built 6th Street Viaduct bridge in Los Angeles. At approximately 9:30am Pacific time, a green camouflaged Fisker PEAR electric vehicle drove over the bridge.

We confirmed with Fisker this morning that the electric vehicle you are seeing in this video clip is in fact the Fisker PEAR. The front of the vehicle has a nice family resemblance to the Fisker Ocean. Furthermore, compared to the Fisker Ocean, this EV has a shorter wheelbase, shorter overhangs, and a different window line. The shape of the rear hatch matches the sneak peak images and illustrations in the latest patent application.

Last week, Henrik made a comment about the Fisker PEAR on Instagram. One user wanted an update on the PEAR electric vehicle. They asked, “Any new word on ‘The Pear’?” Henrik replied, “A few words! Driving it in LA this weekend.” Well, Henrik took the Fisker PEAR out this weekend for a test drive and it is a sight to see!

The Fisker PEAR is quite impressive from everything that we’ve seen so far. The urban mobility device with its innovative features will start production in the second half of 2024. At peak production, the Foxconn factory in Lordstown will produce 250,000 units/year. The Fisker PEAR is priced at $29,900 before government tax incentives. Currently, Fisker has more than 5,000 reservations for this EV model.

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8 thoughts on “First Fisker PEAR Sighting

    1. It tells Fisker who referred you to reserve their electric vehicle. Once you reserve a Fisker Ocean or PEAR you’ll get your own referral code to share with your friends. Each referral you make earns you points. You can then use your points for Fisker rewards such as a free hat, water bottle, t-shirt, and sweatshirt.?

    1. Thank you for asking Evan. No, it was sent in last night by a reader. The person that shared it said they, “received it from a friend.” The meta data of the video file showed it was shot on a new iPhone 14 at low resolution and included the longitude and latitude geo location.

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