Your Fisker Ocean and Cold Weather

Fisker Ocean battery and performance put to the test in freezing temperatures with the latest visit to Park City.

Today, Fisker continues to share photos of the Fisker Ocean out in Park City, Utah. The frigid air surrounding the Wasatch Mountains in Park City is currently 16°F with a low of 3°F and high of 21°F expected today. The ski resort saw snow fall yesterday and more fresh powder is expected at the end of the week. This part of the Rocky Mountain Range in Utah is none-better for extreme winter testing for the Fisker Ocean. The temperature is freezing. 🥶

Fisker Ocean Blizzak Snow Tires (Park City, Utah).

About a year ago, Fisker reported that it completed extensive winter testing of the Fisker Ocean in Sweden on the Q1 2022 earnings call. Now, we’re seeing the Fisker Ocean race around the popular ski resort known for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics. The company says the Fisker Ocean battery is doing great in the cold weather. Video shows off the electric vehicle’s performance with the never before seen Fisker snow package.

According to Henrik Fisker, “The Fisker Ocean battery performs excellent in cold temperatures!!!!” Furthermore, the company followed up by saying, “Fisker Ocean takes the snow. Silver Lining on 20” wheels equipped with Blizzak snow tires.” Fisker offers customers two winter tire packages in addition to snow chains. You can find Fisker’s 20″ Stealth wheels matched with Bridgestone’s Blizzak tires in the Fisker Ocean configurator for $4,500. This allows the electric SUV to stay in command on deep snowy roads.

Cold Weather Battery Performance

Electric vehicles like the Fisker Ocean can perform well in cold weather like we’ve seen, but there are some factors to consider. The battery range of an EV may be reduced in cold temperatures, as the battery chemistry is less efficient at low temperatures. Additionally, the increased use of heating systems in the vehicle can also drain the battery more quickly.

To mitigate these effects, some EVs like the Fisker Ocean have battery heating systems such as a heat pump to improve battery performance. In fact, the Ocean One, Extreme, and Ultra come with a heat pump. This can keep the battery at optimal temperatures. Preheating the cabin of an EV before driving in cold weather can help reduce energy consumption and increase the range of the vehicle.

Some EV manufacturers have developed advanced battery management systems that can optimize battery performance in cold temperatures. Additionally, many EV owners will preheat their vehicle before driving to minimize the energy consumption of the heating system while on the road. We learned this during our cross country road trip from San Diego to Orlando.

Cold Weather Tips

Some things to keep in mind before driving your Fisker Ocean in cold weather.

  • Tire pressure: Cold weather can cause tires to lose pressure, which can affect an EV’s handling and range. It’s important to check tire pressure regularly during winter months.
  • Heating: EVs use energy from the battery to heat the cabin. Don’t worry about turning on the heat to keep your body warm in cold weather.
  • Charging time: Cold weather can also affect the time it takes to charge an EV. It may take longer to charge in colder temperatures. If you can charge in a garage that is ideal. It’s important to plan accordingly.
  • Proper equipment: Don’t forget the snow chains or even winter tires if your driving conditions warrant them. Winter tires are meant for snowy roads and studless tires are meant for deeper snowy roads.

Overall, while cold weather can affect the performance of an EV, the Fisker Ocean has been designed to handle these conditions and has built-in systems to help mitigate issues caused by cold weather. With proper planning and maintenance your electric SUV can perform well in cold weather.

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  1. I am really tempted to get the Equinox EV instead of the Fisker sport if they do not include the heat pump in Canada…

  2. I agree,heat pump in Canada is a must and my Fisker ocean sport need one with a real Winter Package !!! Ready to pay extra $

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