Where Is Your Fisker Ocean One?

We look and discuss how Fisker is working hard to get you behind the wheel of your fully built Fisker Ocean One.

Tonight, join us at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (8:00 PM Eastern) on YouTube for an exciting new episode of All-Things Fisker! In Episode 35, we get you up to speed since the last show three weeks ago. We will talk about Fisker’s latest production milestone and progress of delivering your Fisker Ocean One. In fact, we will share everything we’ve been tracking when it comes to production, transportation, and delivery of the limited launch edition vehicle. This, your next steps, and a whole lot more to discuss!

Since the last episode, we’ve received over a dozen emails about the status of Fisker Ocean deliveries. As a result, we are going to tackle this question tonight and need your help. We’ve created a new poll question on our YouTube channel asking, “Where is your Fisker Ocean One?” Your answer choices are as follows: At Sea, At Port (Port Arrival), and In My Driveway/Garage. We’re collecting responses now and will discuss the poll results in tonight’s episode.

As always, if you can’t catch the live stream, we’ve got you covered! You can re-stream Episode 35 at your convenience on our YouTube channel after the show. We will also push the audio version to the All-Things Fisker Podcast available on your preferred podcast platform. Just search for “All Things Fisker” to find the show. Lastly, check out Fiskerati Premium to help support the show. Thanks for following along and we hope you can join us tonight!

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9 thoughts on “Where Is Your Fisker Ocean One?

  1. I wish I knew the location of my Ocean One MSN 1004. It would only be a guess to say a US port. My Vehicle Admin Coordinator, Amber Ruffin is rather vague also. I suspect she really doesn’t know either given “pre- delivery inspections ” that need to be performed. My estimated delivery just changed today from September 22 to October 8. So, they continue to overpromise which is quite tiresome. Moreover they asked to be prepaid on September 20, so Fisker earns 5% on ~$72,000 while I wait for a real delivery date. Who knows?

    1. Thanks for your comment Alexius. Fisker recently said deliveries will bleed over into October. It appears yours was one of them. Please keep us posted on your delivery come October 8th.

  2. My Fisker ocean one been stuck at confirm payment and I have already got approval from Fisker finance since September 2nd but no delivery process or update. I email few times and no response back from Fisker. Idk should we trust this Fisker again? I rather they tell us true delivery date or just make statements Fisker that you can’t make delivery on time but please don’t customers fake promises about delivery dates

    1. It’s a new process for the company with just over 900 deliveries under their belt. They’re doing their best Parin and over time things will become more accurate. It’s going to happen, we’re confident you will indeed get your Fisker Ocean One. Please hang in there.

    1. Congrats, Yvonne! If you’re free tomorrow morning, bring #4266 over to the Ocean Owner meetup in San Clemente at The Outlets. Meetup starts at 8:00AM runs through 11:00AM. Hope to see you there!!

  3. That happen not only with new companies. Few years ago established dealer of Skoda (one of VW brands) “lost” my payment for new car. Manager insisted that they don’t get it even with e-mailed bank payment approval. Only when I came with original bank approved and stamped payment order (and was lucky to explain my problem to dealership CEO directly) problem was solved within minutes. So in my view Fisker is ok in that case.
    Just shareholder.

  4. It’s been a while since we had an update on progress made on homologation for the ultra and sport. Radgiver told me delivered are scheduled to start late this year but ramp up in Q1 of 2024. Obviously, homologation process has to complete for both models before that happens. Update would be nice if anyone knows anything

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