What You Need to Know About Fisker Ocean Service and Maintenance

Fisker Ocean

Your Fisker Ocean will be serviced and maintained by Fisker service partners at special service centers or by mobile technicians.

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Fisker Ocean service and maintenance. Let’s begin with some background. The Fisker Ocean is backed by an industry leading warranty. Fisker offers a basic warranty of 6 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is important because it alone should give you peace of mind to pre-order or purchase a Fisker Ocean when you’re invited.

Furthermore, each Fisker Ocean is built by Fisker’s manufacturing partner Magna Steyr. This too is important because each vehicle will be built with this high-quality vehicle manufacturer. If you aren’t familiar with Magna, they build the BMW 5 Series, Jaguar E-Pace, and Mercedes G-Class to name a few. With high-quality manufacturing, comes less service calls for Fisker. At some point, you’ll be able to visit a Fisker Experience Center to see the vehicle quality first-hand.

However, Fisker has you covered in the event issues do arise with your electric SUV. You’re probably wondering how to take advantage of the warranty should anything happen to your Fisker Ocean? Now, let’s talk about how Fisker service and maintenance will work.

New Approach to Service and Maintenance

Maintenance and service is an important part of owning a vehicle. The good news is that Fisker plans to leverage its asset light operating model. The company will offer you a new approach to vehicle service and maintenance. Fisker will do this with less required infrastructure and higher efficiency. As a result, the company aims to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction. In order to do this, Fisker has partnered with select service providers such as Bridgestone. Yes, the company who makes tires for the Fisker Ocean will offer up their existing locations for service. However, we believe Fisker will also leverage Cox Automotive for their mobile service technicians.

Scheduling Fisker Ocean Service and Maintenance

Fisker Ocean at home
Fisker Ocean at home waiting to be collected for service.

As we mentioned, you will use the Fisker Flexee app to schedule service and maintenance as needed for your Fisker Ocean. Your Fisker Ocean is designed to have no first mandatory service.

Service on your Fisker Ocean will be needed for mainly two reasons. Firstly, when you notice something needs to be fixed. You can schedule service as needed. Secondly, when a fault shows up in the on-board diagnostics computer.

Your Fisker Ocean will be smart. It will gather and share information through its on-board diagnostics and wireless connectivity. Fisker intends to use the Fisker Ocean’s onboard computers to log usage data for each electric vehicle sold to enhance the ownership experience. For example, the Fisker Ocean will collect info such as charge time, battery usage, mileage, and driving behavior.

All of this data will help Fisker and service technicians with vehicle diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance. Basically, your Fisker Ocean will proactively identify electric vehicle maintenance needed before issues arise. This will allow Fisker to provide cost-saving preventative maintenance on your Fisker Ocean.

Nearby Service Locations

Fisker Ocean Home Location
Your Fisker Ocean will be picked up for service or a mobile technician will come to you.

Regardless of why your electric vehicle needs service, Fisker will pick up your Fisker Ocean at your preferred location at an agreed upon time. For example, your Fisker Ocean electric SUV could be collected from your home, work, or some other specified location. It will then be brought to a nearby service center.

Like Germany and France, it’s possible that Fisker will leverage Bridgestone throughout the United States, which operates more than 2,200 retail locations under several brands. The main brand you are probably most familiar with in the US is Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Across Europe, Bridgestone has hundreds of service locations. For example, they have 300 Pitstop and Reiff-ABS service locations in Germany and 450 Speedy service locations in France. These will be the locations used to service your Fisker Ocean if you’re in one of these countries. Fisker has partnered with Mekonomen for service in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Once your Fisker Ocean is serviced, it will be brought back to you at an agreed upon time and place. Eventually, Fisker wants to further improve upon the customer experience by conducting pick up and delivery without you being physically present. In order to do this, you will provide Fisker with a digital key and a location map to collect your vehicle.

Mobile Technicians

Now, you’re probably wondering if you don’t have a service location nearby. Good news, Fisker also has you covered if you’re not located close by a service center. In this case, Fisker will offer you mobile technicians to service your Fisker Ocean. The mobile technicians will come to your preferred location at an agreed upon time. This new approach avoids you having to visit a dealerships, which for some is a major hassle. We believe Fisker will be leveraging their relationship with Cox Automotive for mobile service technicians.

Fisker Owned Locations

In the event the vehicle you receive is a lemon, Fisker has your back. This is a worst-case scenario. We don’t foresee this happening. However, we wanted to bring it up to cover our bases. In the event it does, Fisker plans to setup several company-owned service locations. These will be used for more technically challenging vehicle issues. For example, maybe one of the motors in your Fisker Ocean malfunctions, or the battery becomes damaged for some reason. Your vehicle would be picked up and brought to one of these strategically located facilities.

In Conclusion

Fisker Ocean

Fisker will not be constructing dealerships, rather Experience Centers. Legacy automotive companies built out dealerships. This is not the desired customer experience.

However, the company will offer you the service and maintenance your Fisker Ocean needs using select service partners. Fisker says several of its partners have already built out their service centers to support electric vehicles.

With this new approach, you aren’t required to visit a service center. As a result, Fisker will offer you a better, faster, and more convenient service experience.

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10 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About Fisker Ocean Service and Maintenance

  1. I want to know if there is a loaner car feature when a vehicle in picked up for repair or if it is dropped off at a service location. I have Jaguar F-Pace at this time. When they keep my car, I get a loaner car, usually the same type of vehicle that I own. If the repair will be done the same day, they use their shuttle vehicle to drop me off and pick me back up.

  2. What happens if you get a flat tire on the road, away from home or work, on a holiday weekend? I ask because this happened with our Tesla and it was a nightmare.

    1. Great question! Well, Fisker offers free roadside assistance. However, each Fisker Ocean will come with run flat tires. If you visit that link you will find a reply I did about Run Flat Technology on the Fisker Ocean’s Bridgestone tires. Other members added some good info too. You may find it helpful!

  3. Truthfully, this area is my biggest hang up at the moment, I have reserved an Ultra, but just received the One pre order note….Firestone is a joke, wouldn’t let them do an oil change on a work truck, this is the only bad decision at the moment…..( other than really wanting ventilated seats (live in SC!)

    1. Well, the good news Gary is the Fisker Ocean won’t require an oil change. I think Fisker realizes the pain at service centers. One of the options will be the service center comes to you. Don’t forget the Fisker Ocean will require minimal maintenance. ?

  4. I currently drive a leased Tesla Y. We recently had to deal with a flat tire that occurred away from home. It turned into a veritable nightmare. First you can’t speak to a human, you can only text. Then you have to deal with a service center near where you are physically at that moment. Forty-eight hours later we finally got a tire. The service center we got it from said they would order a tire and we had to return to them specifically to get it installed. Again, this was not near our home. They expected the tire in a couple of months. My brother, also a Tesla owner, suggested that I go to a local tire store and let them deal with it. I chose the tire store across the street from our local Tesla service center. They routinely dealt with flats on Teslas! A new tire was installed within the hour. I returned Tesla’s tire to my local service center and called it a day. Thank heaven for my brother!

    1. Sounds like you reserved a Fisker Ocean since pre-orders are currently closed. You will need to wait for Fisker to contact you about pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean. Depending on your location, this article may be of interest to you.

  5. One of the reasons I like Tesla is they aren’t focused on making their profits from servicing their cars like existing franchise car dealers and existing service companies like Firestone, etc. The electric car companies that will be successful will follow this model. I own a Tesla and a couple BMW’s now. Guess which ones cost thousands a year in service and which one needs new tires every 3 years as the majority of its service.

What are your thoughts?