We’ve Paid for Our Fisker Ocean, Now Waiting for Delivery Date

From an all cash purchase to software updates, we’re navigating the path to owning our Fisker Ocean.

Our Fisker Ocean purchase order.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have taken another step towards owning our Fisker Ocean. We have fully paid for the electric SUV, completing an all cash purchase through a wire transfer sent from our bank yesterday. The total purchase price for our vehicle, including all fees such as state sales tax, title and registration, destination and handling fee, and processing fee, amounted to $77,836. This unquestionably stands as the most expensive car we have ever bought. We have attached a copy of our purchase order and included an actual photo of our very own Fisker Ocean One above!

As many of you may know, our initial preference was to utilize Fisker Finance and explore the lending experience much like the trade-in process. However, unforeseen challenges with both the trade-in and Fisker Finance application process prevented us from experiencing either offering. For example, we’ve encountered unclickable buttons, 500 internal server errors, etc. We decided not to wait for the technical issues to be resolved and proceeded with a complete cash purchase. Otherwise, waiting to use either of these two Fisker services would have needlessly extended an already long purchase process.

Software Updates and Delivery Date

Currently, our vehicle is undergoing software updates for a variety of reasons and we are eagerly awaiting their completion. Once the updates are finished, we expect to receive a delivery date. The earliest possible delivery date we could receive is Thursday.

As of right now, we feel somewhat like pioneers as we navigate through challenges during the entire purchasing process. This way, future customers will hopefully have a better customer experience when they go through the same process.

Although communication has been good, the purchasing experience has been far from perfect. Fisker has a lot of work to do in order to improve the customer experience. We will share all the details of our experience once it’s finished. We are optimistic that we will receive our Fisker Ocean One by the end of the week. 🤞

Getting Ready for Our Fisker Ocean

We are preparing a few things for delivery to pass the time. Since we already have a Tesla Wall Connector installed, we have bought a Tesla to J1772 charger adapter pictured below. This is the easiest way to make use of what we have already own, not to mention the most affordable. In the future, we might install a Fisker Wallbox home EV charger for a smoother charging experience.

Additionally, we recently purchased trim-to-fit rubber floor mats and a cargo mat. Cleaning these floor mats is much easier compared to carpet floor mats. We hope that Fisker will offer rubber floor mats made from recycled materials like leftover rubber from Bridgestone tires. Until then, we consider these as the best alternative.

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

Reserve your Fisker Ocean, PEAR, Alaska, or Ronin at https://fiskerinc.com/reserve using referral code DDK87H.

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12 thoughts on “We’ve Paid for Our Fisker Ocean, Now Waiting for Delivery Date

  1. Sean. It’s both exciting and discouraging. With these issues, the Fisker Team, unfortunately, continues to struggle with building the kind of trust and confidence that should come from the world’s “most emotional” and sustainable EV brand. You/we (the world) are routing for them. Still, the Fisker Team needs to deliver. Enjoy the ride.

  2. the $2438 Destination & Handling fee is a is a quiet way to hike prices it’s $1000 more than tesla’s destination charge and then there’s a $85 processing and “$778” title and registration fee! come on Fisker you could do better!

    1. In fairness, the Fisker Ocean is being transported from Graz, Austria. That’s not cheap! I currently own, for not much longer, a Tesla Model 3. The Tesla I bought came from the United States. It had a Destination and Documentation Fee of $1,200 and an Order Fee of $100. Registration for my Tesla was surprisingly about the same as the Fisker Ocean — that’s a CA DMV fee!

  3. Congratulations. I just placed an order for my Ocean, and I certainly hope Fisker will improve the customer experience. With this extraordinary investment, I was wondering if you are considering enhanced protection, such as ppf/ceramic coating. Why or why not? Looking forward to hearing about your initial and ongoing experiences with you Ocean!

    1. Thanks Chris! Our vehicle coordinator has been the shining star throughout the entire process. Without Kevin, the customer experience would be far worse. Good communication is everything. The more we’re kept in the loop, the more forgiving we will be as customers. And yes to some form of paint protection. More later!

  4. I wonder how many Extreme customers will end up bowing out, when considering that final prices will be north of $80k. Expensive “options” like paint, interior, wheels, etc. quickly add up. $70k is a lot to pay for a luxury car with cloth seats.

    1. Thanks for the comment Scott. Just to clarify, the Ocean Extreme model includes the Black Abyss Plus interior as a standard feature, which is crafted from vegan leather instead of fabric. However, if you prefer the Ultra and Sport models, Fisker does provide a fabric interior option named Black Abyss. Additionally, you have the choice to upgrade from the standard Black Abyss interior to the Black Abyss Plus. Personally, we love the Black Abyss Plus material due to its appealing appearance, luxurious feel, and effortless cleaning properties.

  5. Does anyone know if Fisker is showing a sale date of 2022? When One owners put down 5k to go into binding contract? Has anyone updated their federal returns to get $7500 tax credit? Bill of sale should show date we went into binding contract. I hope author can shed some light into this…crickets from fisker.

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