Unpacking the Fisker Ocean: A Banana Box Cargo Test

Putting the Fisker Ocean’s cargo space to the banana box test.

When I penned an article back in April about the Fisker Ocean’s cargo space, little did I know that I would soon embark on a hands-on exploration of its storage capabilities. Armed with the inspiration from the renowned YouTuber, Bjorn Nyland, and his banana box cargo tests, I decided to dive deeper into the Fisker Ocean’s practicality.

The Banana Box Standard

Bjorn Nyland’s approach to measuring cargo space with banana boxes is not only practical but also replicable. The uniformity of banana boxes provides a tangible and relatable metric for assessing storage space, unlike the myriad of sizes when using suitcases. Intrigued by this methodology, I reached out to local grocery stores, and to my surprise, the produce departments generously supplied me with an abundance of banana boxes—destined for recycling or disposal.

Unveiling the Fisker Ocean’s Cargo Options

Now, let’s dive into the Fisker Ocean’s cargo area behind the rear seats, which boasts a range of storage possibilities. The Flat & Fold Cargo Floor adds flexibility, allowing items to be placed on top or utilizing the well underneath for additional space. Take a look at the YouTube video above to learn more.

Test 1 – Rear Seat Cargo Area

For the initial test, I cleared the rear seat area of any obstructions, including the privacy screen, cargo floor, and the styrofoam organizer in the well. Experimenting with different box arrangements, I discovered that the Fisker Ocean could comfortably accommodate eight banana boxes. While the Ocean’s vertical lift gate and rear shape contribute to its boxy structure, the cargo well depth falls short compared to other vehicles in its category.

Ranking in the EV SUV/CUV Category

Comparing the Fisker Ocean’s ranking with other electric SUVs and CUVs, it slots into the middle tier, with a box count of 8. Vehicles equipped with frunks gain an additional point in this ranking.

  1. Ioniq 5 = 11
  2. Tesla Model Y = 9+1
  3. VW ID4 = 9
  4. MB EQE SUV = 9
  5. Audi Q4 e-tron = 9
  6. Ford Mach-E = 8+1
  7. Fisker Ocean = 8
  8. BMW iX = 8
  9. Audi e-tron = 8
  10. Kia EV6 = 8
  11. Volvo XC40 = 7
  12. Jaguar I-Pace = 6

Test 2 – Folded Rear Seats Tetris Challenge

For the second test, I folded down the rear seats, removed the headrest cushions, and strategically loaded the Ocean with banana boxes. The spacious glass roof provided ample height, and by placing boxes behind the front seats and in front of the folded rear seat, I achieved an impressive total of 24 boxes—exceeding my initial expectations.

Competing in the Tetris Arena

Comparing this result with the competition, the Fisker Ocean holds its own, landing in a tie for third place with 24 boxes.

  1. Tesla Model Y = 26
  2. Ioniq 5 = 25
  3. VW ID4 = 25
  4. BMW iX = 25
  5. MB EQE SUV = 24
  6. Audi Q4 e-tron = 24
  7. Fisker Ocean = 24
  8. Ford Mach-E = 23
  9. Audi e-tron = 23
  10. Kia EV6 = 23
  11. Volvo XC40 = 21
  12. Jaguar I-Pace = 20

Keep the Styrofoam Organizer

While these tests provide valuable insights, I advise against permanently removing the styrofoam organizer. It safeguards sensitive wiring and seat mechanisms, which should not be exposed. Future solutions, such as covering it with plastic, may be explored in subsequent videos and articles.

In conclusion, this hands-on cargo test offers a tangible perspective on the Fisker Ocean’s storage capacity, moving beyond numerical specifications to real-world, physical items. Watch this YouTube video for a detailed walkthrough of the test and discover how the Fisker Ocean rises to the challenge.

This guest blog post was written by MTN Ranger, a Fisker Ocean One owner, Fisker shareholder, and contributor to All-Things Fisker.

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