Unboxing Excitement: A Journey to Receiving the 2023 Fisker Ocean

Matt shares his journey and unboxing of his brand new 2023 Fisker Ocean One delivered in an enclosed trailer to his home.

Today, we get to see one of the latest deliveries of a 2023 Fisker Ocean One near Raleigh, North Carolina. Matt, the familiar face from All-Things Fisker, spilled the details and excitement as he finally got his hands on the much-anticipated Fisker Ocean. He captures a culmination of his 18-month journey. The delivery, set against the backdrop of Raleigh, unfolded at night. The electric SUV with a Mariana exterior was transported from the ADESA D.C. facility in Virginia to Matt’s house.

The YouTube video begins with Matt introducing his old electric vehicle, soon to be kicked out of his garage to make room for the new arrival. He provides a detailed timeline, chronicling key milestones throughout his Fisker Ocean purchase journey. This includes his initial reservation on February 18th, 2022, to the lock-in of his build on March 13th, 2023. Factory production of his Ocean started in early September, its Atlantic Ocean voyage at sea, which led to the eagerly awaited delivery on Thursday night. Believe it or not, it was one day ahead of schedule from his October 27th delivery date.

The Delivery: Preparation, Checklist, and Next Steps

Matt meticulously prepared for the delivery of his Fisker Ocean. He setup cameras to document the entire process. As the enclosed transport trailer arrives, Matt’s excitement was electric! The driver, who had picked up the car around noon, called Matt about 45 minutes away from his house. He shared arrival details with Matt, and soon, the sleek Fisker Ocean arrived within an enclosed trailer. The delivery driver even shared some helpful tips to operate the Ocean after it was taken out of the enclosed trailer.

The video reveals Matt’s delivery checklist, emphasizing the importance of inspecting critical elements such as paint, glass, wheels, and tires. Matt, drawing on his previous experience receiving a Tesla Model 3, stressed the significance of noting and reporting any issues immediately. The delivery was seamless. Matt takes his new Fisker Ocean for a quick spin and then parks it in his garage. This sets the stage for a detailed wash and further exploration of the EV’s features in the coming days. And we’ll be watching for updates!

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15 thoughts on “Unboxing Excitement: A Journey to Receiving the 2023 Fisker Ocean

  1. I haven’t turned my reservation into an order yet. Seeing the delivery process was great. Also looking forward for his review. I’m so close to clicking the final button…

    Question if anyone has recently locked in production. How long for delivery? My ID.4 lease is up March 31st. Should I order now or wait until ….?

    1. Probably depends on the Ocean trim you’re interested in. If you submitted your order now, that is probably enough lead time for your vehicle to be built and delivered before March 31st.

  2. Sean, the Ocean is an amazing car but there’s way too much reporting on this model.
    What about information on the Alaska or Pear other than what was gathered from Project Vision Day?

    1. We report on the PEAR, Alaska, and Ronin when there is news. From the drop down menu at the top of the screen, select Electric Vehicles, Fisker, then choose any Fisker EV of interest!

  3. It’s funny that my video thumbnail makes the Mariana look like Big Sur Blue! I have a bunch of videos coming up covering many items. I keep finding more hidden things in this car – the Easter egg video will be fun! I’m thinking of doing a quick overview first. And then a more in-depth on after a month or two of ownership to find the details.

  4. I live in the Raleigh area. It would be wonderful to connect with Matt.

    Just a simple, straightforward video. With the fever-pitch of detractors barking and circling around Fisker, it is truly a breath of fresh air to watch Matt share this video with the world. Thank you Matt.

    1. We report on the PEAR, Alaska, and Ronin when there is news. From the drop down menu at the top of the screen, select Electric Vehicles, Fisker, then choose any Fisker EV of interest!

  5. Can someone please give me the measurements of inside the boot between the wheel arch and above if different. The narrowest and widest please. My placing an order depends on the size

  6. supposed to receive mine on Oct 7th, still
    waiting and have not received a single response from any dept since. they have my money and i have no idea when i will receive my vehicle. in fact the app changed my status from at facility with a delivery date to Place My Order and Lock In Prodcution! talk about a cluster!

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